Though you may have doubts over visiting the Middle East due its reputation as being one of the most tumultuous regions on the planet, the country of Jordan is actually a fantastically easy, friendly and relaxing holiday destination.

Offering fantastic sightseeing opportunities, the chance to chill in the waters of the Dead Sea and plenty of urban exploration to enjoy in fascinating cities, Jordon is a place of both natural and man made wonders.

Jordon actually boasts some of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world, particularly those at Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world. Brought to the attention of the world by the Indiana Jones flick The Last Crusade, the Bedouin caves are a fantastic example of the history and culture this region has to exhibit. While many of the larger monuments were created by the Romans, the warrens of cave homes and rooms date back even further to before the Roman invasion. One of the lesser-known great monuments around the world, the caves at Petra truly are under appreciated.

Petra. Image Source: Wikipedia
Street of Facades, Petra. Image Source: Wikipedia

While the Dead Sea may not be one of the prettiest stretches of water in the world, nor what you may call a traditional beach holiday, it is fascinating to witness the bizarre sight of hundreds of bobbing bodies for yourself. Known for its healing properties and ability to keep anyone afloat without any effort required, the Dead Sea has long been a destination for those looking to cure ailments and experience the strange sensation of weightlessness in the water.

If, like us, you’re fascinated by this intriguing and historical Middle Eastern nation, make sure you’ve got your worldwide travel insurance and get ready for an adventure.

Finally, the capital of Jordon, Amman, is a bustling city with plenty to see and do. With an incredible food culture, that boasts a few interesting and exotic dishes if you’re brave enough to give them a try, busy markets and plenty of historical sights, you’re sure to love one of the regions most thrilling cities.

Interestingly, Amman is currently developing its own critically acclaimed art scene. A fact that really becomes apparent if you head over to Rainbow Street for a little slice of bohemia.

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