Although we’re well into the heart of autumn and moving forward towards the winter months, some holiday hot spots get quickly booked as we speak. Mykonos is one of them, with thousands of visitors already planning their next summer holidays at the popular cosmopolitan hub spot.

There is a saying in Greece that goes something like “You cook before you are hungry”, and it seems to apply to almost all the fine and dreamy things we want to do in life – our exclusive summer getaway included. So, if you have your eyes peeled on the high-vibe Greek island with the glam lifestyle, beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets, and legendary parties, then this checklist will come in handy.

Here is how to best prepare for your next vacation in the lively Mediterranean spot that never sleeps (or ceases to amaze, one way or another). 

1. Book your luxury villa ahead of time

Mykonos is a famed destination among celebs, a-lists, royals, NBA athletes, and the international jet set, who are repeat Mykonos visitors. But, that aside, the Island of the Winds is a party mecca and synonymous with a vibrant, almost absolutely crazy, and wild nightlife. Besides, the notorious party scene combined with the unbeatable level of luxury and elegance provided to those with deep pockets make Mykonos’ chic villas and mansions get booked within an eye’s blink.

For that reason, make sure you book your dream Mykonos villa early. Before you do that, though, please work with a highly-rated luxury property rental provider, like Kinglike Concierge. That way, you will avoid being disappointed with your option. Plus, you get experienced professionals working on fulfilling your requirements and meeting your needs before you even step foot on the island.

2. Choose your villa wisely

Before you come to Mykonos, it is best to identify the precise type of holidays you want to enjoy. If, for example, you like mingling with the crowds and being close to all the partying atmosphere, the bars, clubs, and restaurants, then a villa at Mykonos Town will tick your boxes for sure.

For more privacy, away from the noise of the vibrant capital, a beachfront mansion or hilltop property is a superb option. So, it all depends on the flair you want your Mykonos holidays to have. Just make sure you determine that part of your trip before your arrival for experiences that can only be described as nothing less than dreamy.

3. Bring a light jacket or sweater

Mykonos is blessed with fine weather that rarely ever gets annoyingly hot or too cold. At the same time, it is an island known for its northern winds (aka Meltemi winds) that blow in the afternoon and evening hours. In the summertime, they bring a nice breeze that could justify bringing a lightweight jacket or sweater along. Overall, though, you need to pack thinner and more summerish clothes, even for an autumn Mykonos trip.

Speaking of clothing, remember that the terrain in Mykonos is rather uneven, with cobbled streets and a rugged countryside landscape. So, high heels are a bit difficult to walk (but not outstandingly tough). As for those into hiking or similar activities, please do consider having a solid pair of comfy shoes with you.

Irrespective of the time of year you choose to visit Mykonos, your luggage will be filled with unforgettable memories, drenched with refined sophistication and unmatched Greek island allure, and sprinkled with idyllic sights, ultimate elegance, exclusivity, and relaxation. Enjoy!