The Mediterranean’s best kept secret is the diverse island of Corsica. It has a wondrous amount of geographical diversity where its beautiful landscapes dazzle with crystal clear coastlines and beaches to its breath-taking valleys of forests and hidden hillside villages. Corsica is incredibly varied and appeals to all travellers but I’d say Corsica is best conquered with an intrepid traveller attitude, especially if you don’t speak much French. In terms of travel, getting to Corsica by ferry is one of the easiest ways. For the active travellers canyoning and hiking are perfect for exploring the island. For the more leisurely traveller or families you can enjoy leisurely cruises around the stunning waters of the island or sample local cuisine in the islands charming towns and villages. There really is something for everyone on this enchanting island. Here’s 5 things we recommend to see and do in Corsica:



The Citadel is home to a 15th century military outpost which was helped guard the city. Its sits high above the port of Calvi where is has unrivalled views across the ocean. With winding narrow streets, you can immerse yourself in the culture and wander around the shops and cafes soaking in the atmosphere. In June every year the citadel plays host to a jazz festival, one of the many festivals in Corsica 


Aiguilles de Bavella

The Bavella pass is a stunning area sitting at 1218 metres above sea level. Its an imposing landscape with peaks rising to more than 1600 metres which are said to colour change from grey to golden at certain times of year when the sun is at certain positions in the sky. This area is a haven if you are keen on the outdoors with activities such as hiking and climbing.


Reserve naturelle de scandola

The reserve naturelle de scandola is a world heritage site located on the south of the island on the Cape of Girolata. It’s a stunning 900 hectares of land and 1000 of sea and in out opinion one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the med. You can’t access the reserve by car and by foot it’s a tricky and long hike, so by boat is the most accessible and in our view prettiest way to enter the reserve. It’s a great spot to see local wildlife and birds. If your lucky too you may even get glimpse of the colonies of seals and dolphin which inhabit the area.


Palombaggia Beach

This is the most famous beach in Corsica, and when you visit you will see why. Its vast expanse of sand stretches over 1.5 km with the most gorgeous soft white sand. Its located in the north of the island and is lined with small dunes and pine trees. The swimming is wonderful and gently sloping into the med so it’s a perfect destination for families.


Filitosa is a historical site between Ajaccio and Propiano located on the south west of the island. Here you have the rare opportunity to see prehistoric stone carving in their natural settings. If history isn’t your thing, the site is still a must see, the scenery around here is simply stunning. Visiting here will give you a true insight into the history of Corsica in beautiful surroundings.