Northern Europe is a wonderland of beautiful cities, spread across 10 countries. Tourists might be more acquainted with fashionable London, Paris or Rome, but there are many other underrated destinations to explore here. In this blog post, we’re thrilled to shed some light on the finest destinations to visit in Northern Europe that you might never have heard of! Read on for more.

Kiruna, Sweden

As the northernmost city in Sweden, Kiruna is lovely and remote, tucked away in Lapland and the greatest location for seeing the Northern Lights! Kiruna is renowned for picturesque landscapes, mountains, lush forests, and Arctic wildlife. With clear skies devoid of light pollution, the Aurora Borealis is as beautiful as can be. Spend a night at the world’s first Ice Hotel, or engage with the rich culture of the indigenous Sámi people, who have inhabited Kiruna for centuries.

Tampere, Finland

A dynamic city with strong industrial roots, Tampere in Finland is the perfect blend of modernity, historical architecture, and natural beauty. Tampere is very underrated, with many wonders for travellers to explore. Hemmed in by two large lakes, Tampere is known for scenic waterfronts and verdant spaces. Pay a visit to the Vapriikki Museum Centre to learn more about Tampere, spend the day at Särkänniemi Amusement Park, take pictures of the wonderful Art Nouveau buildings, and, importantly, embrace the wide range of local festivals, events and theatre shows.

Tallinn, Estonia

As the capital of Estonia, Tallinn is a fun-filled and thriving city, though most distinguished by its immaculately preserved medieval old town, which is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site! We recommend exploring Toompea Castle, and the lower town with a charming array of markets, merchant houses and cobbled streets. Tallinn is a tantalising hub of culture and technology, too. Tallinn’s TV Tower is famous for panoramic views of the city, and the Kumu Art Museum houses fabulous contemporary art pieces. Rest assured, with a tasty local cuisine to boot, Tallinn is worth a visit.

How should I travel to Northern Europe? Is it still a good idea to fly?

Now that we’ve covered all the major underrated destinations to visit, you might be wondering whether flying to Northern Europe is a good idea, or whether there are alternative ways to travel. Truthfully, we recommend avoiding aeroplane travel as much as possible! Planes burn a significant amount of fuel from the moment they take-off, which can be very damaging to the environment.

Instead, we recommend that holidaygoers consider cruising. We admit, cruising hasn’t always been the most environmentally friendly. But, the future is here! Modern cruise ships are working towards zero greenhouse emissions with great success, which would greatly benefit the environment.

Take the Iona cruise ship by P&O Cruises, for example. The Iona is the most innovative ship in their fleet – comfortable, luxurious, accessible and taking the health of our Earth into account. Journeying to Northern Europe aboard the Iona is certainly a premium experience, without the discomforts of flight.