A family holiday can take many forms. You might want to enjoy some time by the sea, playing on the beach and having fun. You might wish to take your little ones to a theme park, such as Disneyland, to make a lifetime of memories. Alternatively, you might want to head somewhere like the Isles of Scilly, and spend your time walking in nature, enjoying scenery and landscapes.

If you choose the latter, it is essential to be prepared so your family gets the maximum enjoyment out of the time spent away. Having children with you makes the experience a little more challenging to enjoy, but you can get the most out of such a holiday with the right planning. That includes ensuring you have these essential items when you set out to enjoy the natural world.

Weather Appropriate Clothes

The first essential of a good family walk is to have spare weather-appropriate clothes, especially if you’re walking around the Isles of Scilly or another UK destination. The reason for this is changeable weather – the UK can experience sudden showers, and Tresco on the Isles of Scilly is a classic example of how changeable it can be, with warm temperatures but sudden, heavy rainfall. That’s why it’s important to have spare clothes for your family, in case of a shower.

A raincoat, such as those by Peter Storm, is always a good idea, ideally something lightweight in case of showers, that can be carried easily. Much depends on what time of year you’re walking and where – for instance, the Scottish Highlands in March would require a thicker, warmer coat for your child or children than a walk along the Cornish coast in July. However, being prepared for weather changes is important when out with your little ones.

Sturdy Buggy

For multiple reasons, a sturdy buggy is essential for taking a young family on a walking holiday. Firstly, children will tire quicker than grownups and may need a time out. That makes a buggy super important, and if you have two young children, then a double buggy like those listed on iCandy will be perfect for your break. That’s because not only will they let you give both your children a rest at the same time, but they’re also sturdy and equipped with tough tyres for increased tread and grip. A good walking holiday might see you on gravelly paths, or trekking along coastal tracks that are less than perfect, so a buggy suited for all-terrain is essential.

Ideally, your buggy should have features such as adjustable handles so that you can change your posture when going up or downhill. This will help prevent you from becoming too tired pushing your little ones as they take a time out. Keep an eye out for a sturdy build as well, as those extra clothes and other essentials are likely to be packed in the buggy.


It might seem obvious, but taking plenty of water along for the hike is essential. Making sure you and your children remain hydrated, even on cooler days, is hugely important. Getting something specific for the job is far better than simply buying a plastic bottle of water and expecting your children to drink from that, as a purpose-bought container will have the features you require.

There are some great bottles out there that will do the trick, with spill-proof tops that mean your child gets all the water, no matter how excitable they get whilst carrying the bottle. When buying a bottle, keep an eye out for those that will keep the temperature of the water, or whatever drink you choose, constant.


One item that might not seem essential at the time, but having a camera with you at all times really is a key part of these walks. Your young ones might need buggies, water and clothing today, but it’ll be no time at all before they want holidays with their friends, and you’ll be on your own.

With that in mind, a camera is essential to record these precious moments exploring the country with your family. They’re memories that will last a lifetime, but if they do fade, you’ll have pictures to refresh your recollection, making these days not only well-prepped but timeless.