Krakow is the second largest city in Poland. In 2021, it was visited by as many as 11.3 million people, including 900,000 people are visitors from abroad. These numbers were higher in other years, but the coronavirus pandemic had a major impact on reducing travel. In Krakow there are many interesting places and monuments that tell the history not only of this country, but also of the whole of Europe.

Why is it worth choosing Krakow for a bachelor party? In addition to the stunning infrastructure, beautiful monuments and landscapes, Krakow also offers many unusual attractions and entertainment.

Bachelor party in Krakow – which stag activities to choose?

It is worth going to Krakow for a bachelor party for more than one day. There is an opportunity not only to party, but also to visit and learn about the history of this place. While in Krakow, you must visit the Wawel Castle and you can buy a souvenir in the Cloth Hall and listen to the bugle call from the Mariacka Tower. You can also sit down and relax for a while in Krakow’s Planty.

During a bachelor party in Krakow, you can take a moment to walk the narrow streets with beautiful buildings. Walking between them, you can stop at one of the atmospheric cafes and bars. Krakow is also a place rich in various types of cuisine – are you looking for Polish flavours, or maybe you are interested in Asian or Italian cuisine? You don’t have to worry about your palates during a bachelor party in Krakow. You will find many restaurants here. If you want to learn more about the history of this city, visiting the Kazimierz district, which is located near the Old Town.

Krakow’s Kazimierz is a special place that has been shaped by the centuries-old Christian-Jewish neighbourhood. For a long time, Kazimierz was an autonomous enclave – Jews ruled it independently. To this day, you can see the huge influence of this culture while walking through the streets of charming Kazimierz. Kazimierz is not only an excellent choice for a bachelor party, but also an interesting place to learn about history.

The best bachelor party activities in Krakow

Sightseeing is a must during a bachelor party in Krakow. However, you can organize time that you can have a great time.  There are plenty of places in Krakow where you can have fun, feel competition and adrenaline. If you care about interesting entertainment during a bachelor party, you can go on a balloon flight, a cruise on the Vistula River, take part in a “game show”, play old and iconic slot machines, and learn to shoot.

Shooting range – the best bachelor party idea in Krakow?

Do you want to spend a stag party in Krakow in an unusual way and feel like your favourite game or movie character? Plan a visit to the shooting range! Cracow Shooting Academy is a Krakow shooting range located at 16 Jana Surzycki Street. In Google reviews, it has an average of 4.9 out of almost 1.9 thousand. opinions. This is a willingly chosen shooting range in Krakow for a bachelor party, both by residents and visitors.

At Cracow Shooting Academy you can learn to shoot and, above all, have fun. Each participant of the stag learns the proper use of weapons under the supervision of specialists. The guarantee of good fun is safety, which is extremely important at the shooting range – each participant receives headphones and protective glasses. In addition, all the fun takes place under the supervision of a professional. If you want to have a souvenir from this unique bachelor night in Krakow, other participants can take photos and record a video. At the end of the game, a photo of the whole team with the selected weapon is taken.

Why Cracow Shooting Academy for a bachelor night in Krakow?

Cracow Shooting Academy is a well-located shooting range. It is easily accessible by public transport or taxi. You can ask the employees of the shooting range to organize a bus that will bring all participants of the bachelor party to the shooting range. A modern interior with a spacious waiting room and an air-conditioned shooting range awaits us on site. Cracow Shooting Academy employees are experienced professionals and shooting enthusiasts. Experienced in accommodating larger groups, e.g. during a bachelor party. In addition, they are fluent in a foreign language, so you can easily communicate with them. At the Cracow Shooting Academy you will find a wide selection of weapons: long, short and historical. When booking a date, you can choose from 7 packages – from 25 to 70 shots. However, if you want to prepare a special package for a bachelor party in Krakow, nothing stands in the way.

The best things to do in Krakow during a bachelor party

Bachelor party in Krakow should be planned comprehensively – start with a tour of the city and learning about its history. Then feel the adrenaline rush at the shooting range. After the shooting range, you can go to the old town, try delicious cuisine, drink excellent drinks and have fun at a party with good music.