We Brits are privileged to have some of the most spectacular driving routes in the world right there on our doorstep. You can rant and rave about Route 66 all you like, but check out just a sample of what Europe has to offer and you won’t be disappointed.  Make sure your car is ready for the road trip; giving your car a service is always a good idea to make sure oil and tyres are all ready for the journey ahead.

So if you’re planning to hit the road anytime soon in search of the most incredible driving routes in Europe, you will go far with any of these tend top picks:

1. Amalfi Coast in Italy

Drive along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and visit the charming towns of Positano, Ravello, and Salerno. As a whole, South Italy is one of the most amazing holiday locations anywhere in Europe and is packed with incredible driving opportunities.

The architecture and scenery being one thing, the spectacular cuisine being something else entirely!

2. Scottish Highlands

Drive through the Scottish Highlands and admire the gorgeous hilly terrain. The great thing about drives through the Scottish Highlands is the year-round appeal of this stunning region. From summer sun to winter sports and everything in-between, soaking up Scotland’s most incredible scenery by car comes highly recommended.

A driving enthusiasts favourite is the Old Military Road hidden within the stunning Cairngorn Mountains.

3. Route One In Iceland

Drive Route One in Iceland and explore the entire country in the process. Also known as the Ring Road, Iceland’s Route One goes the entire way around the island, covering approximately 830 miles.

Taking in mountains, fjords, plateaus and seemingly endless flat land along the way, it is also the highway that connects most major towns and villages.

Exploring this scenic route by campervan is a popular and practical choice. It’s a many days’ journey punctuated by planned and spontaneous stops, with necessities and comforts that can be found in one’s van.

4. German Autobahn

Drive the German Autobahn and satisfy your need for speed. Most flock to the highways of Germany to take advantage of the complete lack of speed limits in certain non-urban areas.

Nevertheless, the extraordinary beauty of the German countryside that flanks the Autobahn makes it more than worth the trip in its own right.

5. Route 500 in germany

Drive Route 500 in Germany for the very best the Black Forest has to offer. This stunning route cuts right through the centre of the Black Forest and provides drivers with some of the most breathtaking vistas to be found anywhere in Europe.

Just be sure to plan this one a little out of season if possible, given the way in which Route 500 has a habit of getting extremely congested at the height of the summer season!

6. Ring of Kerry in Ireland

Drive the Ring of Kerry in Ireland and explore the Emerald Isle. Despite covering a total of just 200 kilometres, this gorgeous ring road will take you through some of the most picturesque rivers, lakes, beaches and mountains to be found anywhere in Ireland.

All of which can easily be covered in a single day. The Ring of Kerry is also easily accessible from pretty much every airport across Ireland.

7. Les Corniches in France

Drive Les Corniches in France for a triple-dose of the high-life. Three different drives at three very different altitudes, Les Corniches provide motorists with the opportunity to soak up the very best of the French countryside. Not to mention, spend an afternoon or a weekend at the heart of the billionaire’s playground that is Monaco.

8. Trollstigen in Norway (Troll Route)

Drive the Trollstigen in Norway, more commonly referred to as the Troll Route.

By a wide margin one of the most beautiful road trips in Europe, the Trollstigen takes in waterfalls, mountains and a series of painfully pretty villages along the way.

9. Estoril Coast in Portugal

Drive the Estoril Coast in Portugal and discover some of the country’s most underrated secret spots. Take your time as you head from Lisbon to Sintra and explore the rich history and culture of the region. One of the biggest draws of the Estoril Coast being that almost no tourists take the time to explore it or discover its hidden gems. Which in turn means, more for you!

10. Furka Pass in Switzerland

Saving the best to last, drive the Furka Pass and put your mettle to the test! Switzerland is famed for being home to some of the most stunning driving routes to be found anywhere in the world. Not to mention, some of the most challenging and in some instances downright dangerous. One of which being the Furka Pass, which is basically a series of hairpin bends from start to finish.

Those who are up to the challenge will be rewarded by the kinds of panoramic views that are usually confined to postcards and fairy-tales.