“No matter what happens, travel always gives you a story to tell.”

If you are looking forward to a weekend getaway but on a budget, Ocean City in New Jersey is a great place to visit. Whether you wish to spend quality time by the beach or take your kids on a small family trip, this place has something for everyone. It is a great destination to relieve the stress of weekdays, try out some adrenaline-rushing activities and connect with nature.

Even so, when you have only 48 hours to enjoy a trip, it becomes crucial to plan ahead to make the most out of your time. That’s why in this article, we’ll guide you on how to use your time wisely yet enjoy the trip. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Things To Do On Friday Evening

Generally, people make the mistake of beginning their weekend trip on Saturday morning. In such a scenario, the majority of time is spent on travel. You must avoid making this mistake by starting your voyage on Friday evening. Make sure to look for different Ocean City rentals options such as weekend rental, beachfront rentals, summer home rentals, house rentals, and more. Making prior booking will ensure that you don’t have to compromise with the vacation house. Instead, you’ll have enough time to find the best property.

Also, make sure to pack all the essentials at least a day before your trip.

Things To Do On Saturday

Start off your Saturday with a beach breakfast. There are numerous cafes and restaurants you can explore and fuel yourself with a hearty breakfast. After that, you can try out different water activities or sports such as surfing, jet skiing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, and more. You can also go hiking, biking or fishing. The options to stay entertained are countless.

In the evening, you can unwind near the beach restaurants. You can also attend live music events to relax after a long day filled with adventures. If you have booked a rental with a pool, you can also set up a BBQ and enjoy the Saturday night to the fullest.

Things To Do On Sunday

On a 48 hours weekend trip, Saturday should be all about adventure. Sunday is about rejuvenating your mind and body to prepare for the week ahead. Try out some local cuisines, connect with the community, and just do whatever you desire. You can go shopping, visit amusement parks, museums or attend beach yoga sessions. In the evening, you can visit clubs, go for a boardwalk or simply sit back to enjoy a mesmerizing sunset. Don’t forget to click pictures or create videos to remember this fantastic weekend getaway.

Note: Later in the evening, make sure to pack all your stuff and recheck everything before leaving.

Wrapping It All Up

Planning ahead of the weekend will ensure that you strike a good deal for rentals and other necessary bookings. It will also allow you to rest well before Saturday so that you begin your weekend with a bash. So, make sure to follow this guide and spend a splendid weekend in Ocean City.