When you’re travelling, you’ll want to experience everything your destination offers. You may have filled your days with plans and booked activities. However, there can be lots of experiences to gain from trying out the local nightlife too. Here are some suggestions.

Take a guided tour

If there are any guided tours after dark, either by bus or on foot, this is a fantastic way to see the local area differently. Some places can feel completely different after dark, and it’s worth seeing them.

With a pair of prescription glasses like these here, you’ll get the clearest views of sights and landmarks. You may even spot something before the tour guide points it out to you. With so many choices available, you can make yourself fit in with your stylish surroundings, or portray yourself as a mysterious tourist, by wearing a pair of prescription sunglasses at night. You’re on holiday, so anything goes and you can be whoever you want to be.

An evening walk

If there are lots of people around and you feel safe, you could go for an evening walk. This can lead to discovering places you don’t know about. Some might not have a website or social media presence, so are less likely to show up when researching before you leave. Some of the best experiences can come from discovering unique places like St Barts Villas when you are on a holiday.

Go to the local bars

Visiting the local bars might not seem too different from being at home, but depending on where you are, you could meet some interesting locals. There may be local acts and entertainment. This could be different from where you live, as the culture and styles are likely to differ.

Take an evening class

If you look online before travelling, you may find evening classes or workshops where you can sign up for just one or two without committing to a full course. These could include art lessons, writing groups, craft making or learning the local language. If you’re travelling alone, it’s a good way to meet locals and other tourists.

Go out for dinner

Going out for dinner means you get to see the area at night, then experience the local dishes. Although you can go to a restaurant any time when you’re at home, this lets you appreciate the differences between home and your holiday destination. You can fully embrace these differences by ordering something you’ve never tried, even if you’re unsure what it is. You’ll give your tastebuds an unexpected treat.

See live comedy

Comedy varies from culture to culture, so it’s always interesting to see what other people consider to be funny. Some humour is lighter or based more on local themes, while other forms of humour are universal. Either way, it’s a cheap night out and lets you discover local comedians who can be vastly different from those you’re familiar with.

Getting the most out of your holiday will mean you’ll have a lot to talk about when you get home, and lasting memories to encourage you to book your next holiday.