After making all your reservations and finalising your travel itinerary, an important task remains — packing for the trip. With everything else on your mind as you prepare for your visit, it can be easy to forget essential items that often make all the difference between a wonderful trip and a nightmare.

Properly packing a bag is often a skill that takes time to perfect. Whether you are packing a wheeled suitcase or a backpack, what’s inside counts. You should focus on creating a seamless experience, where travel essentials come in. To help you save your time when packing for your next trip, here are five absolute must-have items you should always carry when traveling.

A Portable Power Bank

The modern-day traveler is highly dependent on his smartphone to function properly on the road. However, even the best smartphones have unspectacular battery life. Being able to keep your smartphone alive is a huge task when traveling, especially in remote areas. The solution is to carry a portable power bank.

When investing in a portable power bank, look for one with ample capacity. There are high chances that there will be occasions when you have no access to a working power outlet for a considerable period of time. Also, choose a more compact power bank that easily slides into pockets and backpack compartments.

Additionally, consider the build quality of the portable power bank. A gadget made of cheap plastic or other inferior materials won’t do you favours when traveling. Instead, consider something strong that will withstand the unavoidable drops, knocks, and impacts of life on the road.

Toiletries Bag

A toiletry bag is one of the most important things you should pack before traveling. As you will have to present all your carry-on liquids in a transparent bag during security check, it is ideal to use a proper toiletry bag that is transparent. You might want to use a Ziploc bag as it takes no extra space, and you can stuff it into your bigger toiletry bag after passing security.

As for the main toiletry bag, a simple square one to stuff all your essentials will do. You will also be able to squeeze together and fit the square bag just about anywhere in your trolley or backpack. Never get a hard case; it will never entirely fit all your stuff and will end up taking more space than needed.

When it comes to the things you should pack in your toiletry bag, think of items for basic body maintenance and medication like shower gel, toothbrush, dental floss, solid shampoo, deodorant, bandages, Q-tips, etc.

Lifestyle Accessories

Another category of items you shouldn’t miss packing is your lifestyle accessories. This includes anything from your glasses and a case for glasses, a contact lens container, contact solution, prescription medication, earplugs, etc.

If you are specifically planning to invest in a pair of travel glasses, make sure you consider your options before settling on one. There are many options to choose from, including rimless eyeglasses for men.

Packing Cubes

Once you start using packing cubes, there is no going back. Packing cubes make packing and unpacking your suitcase a walk in the park. They will keep your clothes compressed, folded flat or rolled, and wrinkle-free. When shopping for a set of packing cubes, you should consider a few things.

Typically, packing cubes are made of canvas or nylon, making them durable, lightweight, and easy to wash with your other laundry post-trip. However, a few packing cubes in the market are made of plastic which doesn’t allow your clothes to breathe well.

Nonetheless, it will protect your clothes from any spills or scenarios where your bags get wet. Some packing cubes have mesh components, ideal for visibility and breathability. But such packing cubes snag or rip over time.

Travel Shoes

Deciding which shoes to pack for a trip can be challenging. Shoes tend to be bulky and heavy. So, if not chosen carefully, they can be a complete waste of space in your luggage.

People who have experience living on the road will tell you that a pair of comfortable boots or walking shoes are your best bet when traveling. This is partly because it will help you look dressed decently while also helping you comfortably explore the place. In addition, a good pair of travel boots are lightweight, nearly collapsible, versatile, packable, comfortable, and neutral-colored.

Pack, Set, Travel

Packing for your trip is always about choosing the right items like your clothes, sundries, and other essentials you will require in your everyday life. However, once you get past the automatic inclusions, you will find that there still exist things that you might have either forgotten or never thought about in the first place. The five travel items mentioned above provide utility on almost all trips. So, they should become essentials on your trips starting today.