Travelling can be exciting but also comes with significant risks that can lead to losses. If you are traveling with your mac, you must ensure it’s secure and all the data in it. Your mac can play a significant part in your journey, such as entertainment, a Portable office, and storing important data. Additionally, when you don’t have many power sources, you can use your mac to charge the accessories such as your phone, iPad, and camera. Any mistake you make, either by storing or using, can end up losing your mac. Luckily there are many ways to incorporate and make your traveling more fun and accessible. This article will explore incredible tips to ensure traveling with your mac is simple and secure.

Always Enable “Find My Mac” 

Sometimes you can misplace your mac or it can be stolen during your journey. Losing your mac can mean losing all the documents, photos, and personal data you might have stored in your mac. However, you can always trace it by enabling find my mac. This feature is very vital to make you know the location of your mac and be able to retrieve it. However, for the feature to be effective, the mac must be connected to an active internet connection to help transmit its actual location. When your mac is stolen, and a person tries to use it, this feature can help you locate it.

Free Up Some Space and Create a Backup 

To make your mac more effective when traveling, you need to free up some space and only be left with the essential documents and data. To effectively delete useless files in your mac, you can click here to learn more. After removing all the unnecessary files, you need to back up everything else on your mac before traveling. This will help ensure that you keep important documents and still have room to store other crucial information.

Activate Firmware and FileVault Passwords

When traveling with your mac, you need to ensure the information is not accessible to an unauthorized person. That is why you need to activate the firmware and FileVault password to prevent unauthorized people from using your mac. The FileVault is crucial as it encrypts your disk, making it unusable by another person. To turn it on, you can visit your system preference, go to security and privacy, and then turn on FileVault. When doing this, ensure you give your mac time to encrypt the whole disc. 

Further, the Firmware allows you to choose the disc your mac should startup with. So, if your mac is stolen, they cannot use recovery mode without the password. To activate the Firmware, you need to restart your computer and hold Cmd R until you see a recovery window. You will press the utility menu bar and choose firmware password utility. Put in the password you wish and restart your machine.

Final Words

The above are incredible tips to use when traveling with your mac to keep it secure. Ensure you have enough space to store important documents and back them up. Additionally, set up passwords to make it hard for anybody to access your mac.