Any travel savvy individual will tell you that flying first class or chartering a private jet both constitute luxury travel. But what you must ask yourself is this: which one is worth the cost? According to a new report by The Travel, whether you’re utilising a private jet charter to New York for business, or heading out on a family vacation, or even honeymooning, lots of travellers are relying on airplanes more than ever before.

Persons who prefer more security, comfort, and personalization usually opt for flying first class or chartering private jets. But over the past decade, many businesspersons and tourists have made the shift from flying first class to utilizing private jets. What’s just one explanation for this shift? Chartering a private jet is said to make for a more luxurious and personalized travel experience.

That said, should you fly first class or charter a private jet?

The Private Jet Charter

Says The Travel, the U.S. is home to close to 15,000 private jets. This number represents more than 62 percent of the all the private jets on the globe. In a word, chartering a private jet is how the rich and famous prefer to get around. The service is basically the same as a commercial airliner, but the charterer pays for the entire place, including the seats.

When travelers pay to charter private jets they don’t need to worry about where they are sitting, or having to check their luggage when they board. They don’t have to deal with airport crowds that typically accompany busy commercial airport hubs. By chartering a private jet, you also have access to the pilot and the peace-of-mind that their planes are well maintained and very safe.  

Chartering a jet not only saves a lot of time, but it offers a level of luxury that not even the best commercial airlines can offer. That’s because passengers can schedule their flights according to their whims, offering them the power to make the ultimate decision on when the aircraft departs. When you charter a private plane, you never have to deal with layovers and flight delays, unless that is, the weather is not cooperating.

First Class Flying

Much like chartering a private jet, travelers who choose to fly first class are paying more than those who are flying in economy class. Much more. Perks abound when flying first class which includes boarding the plane first prior to anyone else while receiving special treatment such as free refreshments and food served on real plates. The service can last for the duration of the flight. 

This kind of special service is said to be perfect for families who are traveling with kids who love to eat. The seats are larger. In certain, newer model airliners, sleeper seats or pods offer travelers far more comfort and privacy as they make their way from one destination to another. Passengers even have the option of changing into pajamas before going to bed.

Still, nothing beats the privacy, luxury, and personalization of flying in a private chartered jet. Keep in mind that first class passengers are still at the mercy of an aircraft carrier’s schedules. This means they must put up with the same delays, layovers, security scrutiny, crowding, and terminal waits that the economy passenger must endure. This can come as a disappointment for a first-time first class flyer who has paid thousands of dollars for their ticket or tickets.  

Comparing the Cost of Flying First Class Vs. Private Chartered Jets

What’s the main distinction between flying first class and chartering a private jet? Cost. The cost involved with flying a private jet can vary circumstance to circumstance, but it typically depends on:

The size of the private jet. Smaller jets that fit only a few people and that don’t possess the fuel capacity to travel all that far will be more affordable than larger aircraft.

You destination. Chartering a private jet to Europe, for instance, will cost you big bucks.

The Amenities. Travelers who expect to be catered to with higher amenities, like fresh caviar and lobster tails for dinner, will naturally need to expect to pay more for the service. 

Expect to pay in the tens of thousands of dollars for a chartering a private jet. But if you’re in the position of even considering such a move, chances are you have the money to spare.

On the other hand, the price of flying first class depends on the destination, the airline, and also when the ticket is booked. It’s said that booking at least three months in advance will save you money. The average price of an international first-class ticket can be anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. On the very high end, first class can even run in the tens of thousands. That is, you have money to blow.      

Whatever option you choose, be it flying first class or chartering a private jet, enjoy flying the friendly, but expensive skies.