Geographically speaking, Cairns, Australia is known as the tropical city located at the Northern part of the Queensland. It is located between the Great Diving Range and the Coral Sea and is home to the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

From Brisbane, Cairns is approx 1,700 km distance and from Sydney its approx 2,700 km when you opt to travel by land. Cairns has been a popular travel destination due to its tropical climate but also the numerous things you can see and do. Cairns is well known for offering exciting, breath taking and interesting things to experience. Whether it’s chilling out on a stunning beach or skydiving from thousands of feet up, Cairns has it all. Whilst you are here, you’ll never run out of activities to do and attraction sites to see and experience. With so many things to do, we thought we would highlight 7 of the most popular things to see and do when in Cairns, Australia:

1. Explore the Great Barrier Reef 

Cairns is one of the best spots to experience the world famous Great Barrier Reef. With your yacht, you can tour around this magnificent body of nature.

The best way to explore the Great Barrier Reef is to go scuba diving.

You can also take it easy and relax on a pristine relaxing white sandy beach and soak up sun.

2. Be in tuned with nature at Daintree Rainforest

If an excursion is your thing, you might try out Daintree Rainforest. It is best known for being the largest continuous tropical rainforest in the continent of Australia. Here, you will see a variety of trees and plants as well as many kinds of animal species.

3. Experience the thrill at Skydiving 

One of the most popular things to do in Cairns is sky diving. There are many specialised sky diving companies that cater sky diving for both experience and novice jumpers. If you’re brave enough, the experience will be a memory you’ll never forget.

4. Visit their own Crocodile Farm 

The Cairns Crocodile Farm is another place you should try and visit. When you are here, you will get the opportunity to feed kangaroos, or even hold a baby crocodile.

5. Ride the Rapids


Australia is famous for its white water rafting adventures. Geographically, it has 3 rivers boasting a class of 5 rapids.

This is a fun adventure to share with friends, families, and officemates.

6. Experience the adrenaline rush, go bungee Jumping 

If an adrenaline rush is your thing, then you must try out the bungee jumping at Cairns, Australia. It has the only platform that is operated by AJ Hackett via the Smithfield Tower (pictured right).

7. Shop and Party the night away 

Lastly, whee in Cairns, the best way to shop is via their night market where you can get the best deal at great prices. You can also enjoy yourself at the numerous funky bars and cafes for you to party the night away.

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Danny Duric is an adventure seeker and blogger who likes visiting interesting places around the world. Danny is currently writing on behalf of East Coast Car Rentals a car hire in Cairns.

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