Today we feature a hotel which has a room 509ft below the ground and will set you back £380 a night! The bizarre bedroom comes complete with a luxurious double bed, silver furnishings and champagne platter.

The Sala Silvermine Hotel, in Vdstmanland County, Sweden, has created a room so far beneath the earth’s surface that it can only be accessed through a mine lift shaft – which sends guests 509ft into the ground in a matter of seconds.

But anyone who lives by their phone would be best off staying in one of the hotel’s 14 ground-level rooms as there is certainly no mobile signal down there. In fact, the only way visitors can communicate with the outside world is through the dedicated personal intercom connected to reception on the surface.
And guests are warned to bring warm clothing as temperatures have been known to drop to a chilly two degrees celsius at the bottom of the cavernous mine.

But don’t worry, the room itself is actually located in a warm air pocket, with relatively balmy temperatures of 18 degrees.

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