A collection of amazing tree houses from around the world featuring the worlds largest treehouse and celebrity treehouses.

Did you want to live in a tree house when you were children growing up? What better way to sleep than directly under the branches of a protective tree gazing up at the stars above. And, while some tree houses are minimalist by their very small nature, today’s tree house architects have gone beyond small stature to include tree houses fit for hotel rooms, lodges and restaurants.

Some treehouses certailnly look more strucutally safer than others!

The amazing Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand pictured below is not only a very cool restaurant but an architectural masterpiece.

Some more crazy, cool and very unusual treehouses….

Tree houses rise to the ‘green’ challenge to become ideal tree homes that do little to no damage to its host tree.

And finally….Swedish firm Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter is the genius behind this incredibly cool and nearly invisible treehouse. Located in northern Sweden, the treehouse more specifically serves as a hotel. The mirrored glass walls provide what I can only imagine to be a stunning 360 degree view….cool!

and finally, i’m not sure of the safety of these two tree houses!

I wonder if you require home insurance for a treehouse!

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