If you enjoy travelling, you will want to find a job that allows you to see the world while also getting paid to do it. These 10 occupations require that you travel quite often to do your job right. What are these professions that travellers should strive to find?

1) Professional Athlete

Professional hockey players are playing right now in Russia, Sweden and the United States. The same goes for basketball players, golfers and other professional athletes. If you are good at sports, becoming a professional athlete allows you to travel the world and play at the same time.

2) Talent Scout

Talented musicians, athletes and other professionals can be found all over the world. If you want to find them, it will require traveling to many different spots on the planet.

3) ESOL Teacher

There is a large demand for teachers who are willing to travel to foreign countries to teach their citizens how to speak English. You get to travel while also possibly earning the right to lower your student loan bills as well.

4) Politician

Politicians are often ridiculed and seen as incompetent. However, politicians get to travel wherever they want whenever they want. That’s not a bad deal for those who like to see new places. The best part is that you don’t have to pay most expenses related to traveling.

5) Pilot

Pilots are often asked to fly internationally as part of their job description. You could be in Seattle in the morning and be in Shanghai in the afternoon. There may even be time to explore the area before returning home or flying to your next city.

6) Business Consultant

Large corporations tend to have offices throughout the world. This means that a company could ask you to travel to Russia to do market research and then go to South Africa to help a struggling store connect better with the locals.

7) Spy

The kid in all of us can’t resist the allure of being the next James Bond. The good news is that being a government operative is a real job that requires you to go wherever intelligence gathering is needed.

8) Writer

Writers have the ability to write from wherever they happen to be. There is no one stopping you from going to Niagra Falls to do research for a book and then take a week in Mexico to help you get a feel for the scenery in your next play.

9) Archaeologist

Discoveries await these adventurous professionals all over the world. Sites in Egypt, China, Iraq and Mexico all eagerly await to be made by those who are willing to travel to those countries to look for artifacts.

10) Join The Military

Military duties could take you almost anywhere in the world. Humanitarian missions in poor countries could be combined with combat missions throughout the world. Those who do not see combat duty could still be stationed at many different areas across the country or in foreign countries for short periods of time.

Anyone who enjoys travelling does not have to give up their dream of seeing the world just because they need a job. We bet if an employee satisfaction survey was given to people working in these jobs then you would find job satisfaction would be very high!

There are plenty of job opportunities that allow professionals to support themselves financially while being able to see the world around them. The best part is that many of these careers are fun as well as giving you the ability to explore the planet.

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