The Lake District is a serenely beautiful part of northern England, known for its glacial ribbon lakes and the natural beauty. There’s a reason it’s protected as one of England’s few national parks and loved so much by tourists. Though it’s popular, it’s surrounded with quaint towns and easy-going locals. So what is there to do there? Let us tell you how to get the best out of all the sights available at the Lake District.


First thing’s first, you’ll want accommodation. The region has a berth of fantastic bed and breakfasts. Full English breakfasts, friendly owners and comfy rooms are well in stock here, given how much business the B&Bs can get. There are plenty of differing opinions on which B&Bs, exactly, are the best but you’re spoiled for choice. Or, if you want to try an alternative sort of accommodation, there are plenty of camping sites and a few hostels available as well.

Seeing The Lake District

As a site of supreme natural beauty, there’s a chance you’ll want to take a good look at the lakes and forests themselves. To get a slightly different view than the average traveller, why not take a helicopter and actually fly over the Lake District? You’ll be able to see a full horizon of protected wildlife and forest, as well as the waters the region’s so famous for.


Of course, you’ll want to experience those lakes and the surrounding beauty up close, too. The district is famous for some great walking and hiking trails. Climb peaks that give you a vantage of gorgeous English country. A chance to find a place of perfect, serene isolation amongst this famous tourist region. Some of the absolute best walks in the district can be found right here.

Take to the lake

If you’re going to the Lake District, it’s only expected that you actually take a trip out on the famous lake Windamere as well, right? You’ve seen from above by now, so get close and personal by hiring a boat to row yourself out there. There’s nothing like a picnic in the middle of a still, gorgeously pure lake. If you’re there as a couple, there’s nothing more romantic, too.

Have a drink

After you’ve spent your days flying, rowing and hiking you might just want a drink. The towns in and around the lake district are famously hospitable. So of course, they’re going to have some of the best pubs in the country, too. Perhaps you want a classy place to relax and have a cocktail with your partner. Maybe you want a warm fire and a warm atmosphere to go with your beer at the end of the day. Whatever kind of pub or bar experience you like, you’re sure to find it nearby.

The Lake District is one of those places that makes England a perfectly good choice for any holiday. If you like stunning vistas and warm receptions, get yourself down there and fall in love with a whole new destination.