A lot of the time, our holiday destinations and experiences are dictated by our accommodation options. Where we go depends entirely on the best hotels we can find and afford, and what package they offer. 
This isn’t such a bad thing in itself, but can limit our vacation plans. The crucial thing for you to remember is that you aren’t obligated to find a hotel to stay in. 
There are many more alternative accommodation options popping up around the world; many of them cheaper than the hotel. Here are some of the ones you can make good use of.

Short-Term Rental

Instead of paying for a hotel room, why not go all out and rent your own luxury apartment for the duration of your vacation? Short-term rentals are becoming an increasingly popular option for travellers around the world. Perhaps the biggest upside is that you can find them almost anywhere you go – so your dream vacation doesn’t need to be put on hold. You can find dozens of websites online that cater towards this market, with CBH Stays being just one of them. For the most part, these can often be cheaper than staying in a hotel. We can’t see a downside.

Home Share

This is becoming more common as people around the world feel the effects of the credit crunch. It may be the newest trend in the world of travel, but it by no means should be overlooked. Many people have spare rooms going begging in their own homes, and are taking to offering them for travellers to rent. It’s a great way to get accustomed to a foreign culture, and enjoy all the home comforts you’d expect. You might want to make sure you have plenty of sightseeing to do, though, so things don’t get too awkward. You can find incredibly cheap homestays if you look around online.


Provided you aren’t going to visit the Arctic Tundra, camping could be the easiest way to make budgeting allowances. You’ve likely already got all the essentials kicking around your home somewhere. A tent, an air mattress, and some blankets. If the weather permits, why not embrace sleeping out in the open? Make sure you check local safety though, so you don’t encounter any unexpected and angry wildlife! An alternative to this would be to rent a camper van if you don’t already own one. That way, it doesn’t matter where you sleep; the world is your oyster.


This has got somewhat of a bad reputation. You may pin the blame on a certain movie franchise for that. I assure you, though, hostels aren’t anything like they might be depicted in Hollywood. What they offer is an extremely affordable place to rest your head each night, but with minimal luxuries. Bedrooms and bathrooms are usually shared, so make sure you’re comfortable with that. Otherwise, it can be a great way to meet new people and hear their fascinating stories. All while shaving a massive portion off your budget. Can you see a downside?