The heart of Morocco lies in the enchanting city of Fez. A timeless gem that captivates the visitor with its labyrinthine street. The vibrant souk and rich cultural heritage. Stepping into Fez is like entering a living museum. where history, tradition and modernity intertwine seamlessly. The ancient medians to the majestic palace.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to experience the best of what Fez has to offer reserve your car here.

The Old Medina: A Timeless Journey

Fez boasts one of the world’s largest and most well-preserved medieval cities. The Old Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage site that date back over a thousand years. Step back in time as you wander through its maze-like alley. Where every turn reveals hidden mosques and bustle market and traditional raids adorned with intricate tile work.

Bab Bou Jeloud (The Blue Gate):

Your journey at the iconic Blue Gate. A strike entrance to the Old Medina adorn with mesmerized blue ceramic tile. This gate serves as a gateway to an ancient world. To invite you to explore the wonder that lies beyond.

Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque and University:

The intellectual heart of Fez at the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque and University, founded in 859 AD. It is not only one of the oldest mosques in the world but also the alma mater of scholars like In Kaduna. While non-Muslim cannot enter the mosque. They can explore the university’s courtyard and library.

Chouara Tannery:

Experience and the old-age tradition of leather tanning at the Chouara Tannery. Where craftsmen employ methods unchanged for centuries. Witness the vibrant hue of dyed leather spread out to dry under the Moroccan sun. Create a kaleidoscope of color against the backdrop of the medina.

Architectural Marvels: Palaces and Medersas

Fez is home to a plethora of architectural wonders from opulent palaces to intricately designed madras’s. These structures stand as testament to the city’s grandeur and cultural richness.

Dar Batha Palace:

Immerse yourself in Moroccan art and architecture at Dar Batha Palace, a 19th-century palace-turned-museum showcase a remarkable collection of traditional ceramic, woodwork, and textile. The palace’s Andalusia-style garden provides a tranquil oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bou Inania Madrasa:

Admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the Bou Inania Madrasa, an architectural masterpiece dating back to the 14th century. Marvel at the intricately carved cedar wood to delicate stucco work and vibrant mosaic tiles that adorn its walls. Which offer a glimpse into the city’s illustrious past.

Cultural Immersion: Souks and Workshops

No visit to Fez is complete without exploring its bustle souk and artisan workshop. Where century-old craftsmanship continues to thrive.

Souk El Attarine:

Lose yourself in the sensory overload of Souk. Al Attain a bustle market brim with spice, perfume, and traditional Moroccan handicraft. Indulge your senses as you haggle with vendors and sample exotic spice and aromatic oil.

Nejjarine Wood Museum:

Delve into the art of woodwork at the Nejjarine Wood Museum. Housed in beautifully restored caravanserai. Admire the exquisite carve and intricate parquetry on display and gain insight into the technique passed down through generations of Moroccan artisan.

Culinary Delights: Tastes of Fez

Fez is a paradise for food. It offers a tantalizing array of flavor and culinary tradition that reflect its diverse cultural heritage.

Café Clock:

Savor the fusion of Moroccan and international cuisine at Café Clock. A trendy eatery known for its inventive dish and vibrant ambiance. Don’t miss the chance to try their famous camel burger. Indulge in a traditional Moroccan mint tea on the rooftop terrace.

Fez Cooking School:

A culinary journey through Moroccan cuisine with cooking class at the Fez Cooking School. Learn the secret to prepare taglines, couscous and pastry from an expert chef and savor the fruit of your labor in a convivial feast.


Fez is a city that beckons travellers with its timeless charm and rich tapestry of history, culture and tradition. Whether you’re wandering through its ancient medina or marvelling at its architectural wonder. Indulge in its culinary delight. Fez promises unforgettable experiences that will leave you enchant and inspire. So pack your bag and immerse yourself in the magic of Fez. Prepare to be swept away by the allure of Morocco’s imperial city.