For the past twelve months or so, it would be fair to say that all school holidays have blended into one.

However, all being well, this is gradually changing. With the next half-term only days away, families are now in position to jet off (probably on a road trip) and sample a short break away from their familiar four walls.

The problem is that most of us treat these domestic half-term breaks much differently to an overseas equivalent. In some ways, it almost doesn’t feel like a true holiday.

Well, this should change, and through today’s article we are going to document some ways to help you do this. Whether you are heading to the capital or somewhere nearer the coast like Southampton, sit back and take in the unwritten rules that should accompany your next domestic getaway.

Switch off your phone

First and foremost, it’s time to switch off your phone. Or, failing such drastic action, at least turn off the work email.

For a lot of us, the upcoming half-term is one of the first times we have been able to escape from the norms of life in a long time. Many of us have had to balance our work and home life, with plenty of the former creeping into periods which were previously always described as downtime.

It means that you should be trying everything in your power to keep away from your phone. While we have focused on work in this case, for others it might be social media. There’s plenty of studies on the benefits of a social media detox, and your upcoming getaway might be the perfect opportunity to start one.

Don’t trust the weather

With much of the country starting to open up again, it’s meant that plenty of the classic half-term attractions can be visited.

However, if some of these are outdoors, always make sure that you have a Plan B up your sleeve. We don’t need to talk too much about the UK weather, and with May hardly covering itself in glory, you probably don’t need reminding of this either.

While you may have been planning for a glorious outdoor spring break with the kids, remind yourself that circumstances out of your control can sometimes prevent this from happening. If you are armed with a Plan B, it can save plenty of frustration for everyone.

Sometimes, breaks can be a little “too planned”

We may have touched upon the importance of planning in the last section, but sometimes things can feel a little OTT.

Particularly when the kids are involved, the last thing the family needs is to be rushing from attraction to attraction, trying to satisfy the lengthy itinerary that was created prior to departure.

Sure, we’re all for having a plan (the last thing you need is to be scratching your head upon what to do ahead of arrival). However, remember that this is meant to be a relaxing break for all, and rushing around is going to completely defeat the purpose of the trip.