Chartering a private jet is all about making choices. You have to choose an airport close to your destination, the right jet, entertainment, and onboard dining. When I first flew private, I felt overwhelmed choosing a private jet from so many options. There are many out there, like Jettly to name but one example, so it can be a lot to sort through. I have provided some insight that can make this choice easier for you.

1. Consider the number of passengers

This is the starting point when chartering a private jet if I am traveling with family, friends, or business partners. By knowing the number of passengers I can figure out the right jet for my trip. Capacity is an important factor because I must ensure that all passengers are comfortable. Light jets will accommodate between 2 and 4 passengers. Larger jets are also available, which can accommodate up to 16 passengers. While choosing a jet based on the number of passengers, I always include all passengers, even those likely to join me at different points of the journey.

2. Your destination

I find it important to consider my destination when choosing the right private jet for my travel. The distance of travel or the length between the take-off and landing point determines the best private jet for me. I consider the total nautical miles that I will cover, whether there is an option of stopping to refuel the jet and will I have a direct flight. Not to forget the type of runways at the destination. Will the runway accommodate the type of jet? Thinking about these features about a destination helps me to choose the ideal private jet.

I always advise people to consider the range of a private jet. If a private jet has a shorter range, it is ideal for closer destinations. You may still use the jet for longer destinations, but the journey will involve several refuel stops, which will affect travel routes and travel time. Therefore, when traveling to a far destination, I usually go for a long-range private jet.

3. Consider your travel goals and priorities

Every passenger is unique, and the choices of one passenger will vary from those of another. When choosing the right private jet, I put my priorities first. For instance, I weigh between seeking the ultimate luxury or the best price possible. I focus on the size of my luggage as well. Will I be carrying heavy luggage or just a modest suitcase? Whenever I travel, I like carrying all my essentials, which means that I often carry large luggage. Therefore, I  opt for a larger private jet with more room to accommodate my extra luggage.

Another important aspect I focus on when choosing a private jet is whether I want a flight attendant on board to wait on me. Flight attendants are often available in medium sized jet categories and above. It’s rare to have a flight attendant in a light jet. A flight attendant will mean an extra cost to your trip but will enhance comfort.

4. The features in the jet

Different jets come with different features. If you are a corporate traveler, I would recommend a private jet with a high-speed internet connection, which will enable you to work as you fly. You may opt for a private jet with dedicated bedrooms, luxurious cabins, or conferencing capacities. With so many jets available to choose from, I always go for a jet that suits my travel style.

5. The economy of travel

Some jets are more economical than others depending on their fuel consumption. I would go for an economical private jet if I regularly organize business travels. If you often fly private, you could save a lot by going for jets that offer great fuel economy.

After narrowing down on the type of jet I need for my journey, I can make an informed choice. It’s easy to identify the right jet If you know exactly what you’re looking for.