Paros in Greece is a beautiful place full of interesting historical sites and open beaches perfect for soaking up the sun. Paros offers something for everyone, whether you enjoy exploring the streets of the little Greek town of Parikia or enjoying  time on the water, Paros offers many fun outdoor activities for all ages.  Here’s our choices for the top 5 things to do whilst in Paros.

The Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani

This is one of the most famous Christian sites in Greece. There is a lot of history in this little church and its surrounding chapels. Whether you enjoy history, religion or you love discovering gorgeous old buildings, the church is a must on your list of things to do. This is an active place for pilgrimages, and you may even visit during a religious service such as a baptism. There is also a small museum on the churches precinct which has some interesting historical artefacts. Wander around the church grounds at your own leisure and take in the amazing architecture.


Parikia Town

A small hidden gem in Paros, this small town has many great bars, restaurants and shops. If you wish to have a real taste of Greek life, visit Parikia. It is home to a variety of market stalls where you can buy Greek cuisine, drink and many other bits and pieces to take home from your trip. Perhaps you could visit the markets to purchase food for your villa to make a real Greek meal for you and your family. There are many villas in Paros that can host 4 to 34 guests!


Paros is home to many beautiful beaches where you can take the kids for a swim or have a cocktail and soak in the Greek sun. Martselo beach has crystal clear waters and is great for snorkelers. This is not a party beach so is great for families or those wishing to find a more relaxing beach. Kolymbithres Beach has many rock formations and is great for a scenic walk and is very shallow- great for the kids. Santa Maria beach is perfect for those younger ones wishing to chill out with waiter service available so you don’t have to move a muscle to get that next cocktail! This is also an ideal beach to visit if you want to try your hand at a few water sports.

Kolymbithres Beach

Boat Tours

There are many boat tours to travel around the Greek waters and have a swim around some breath-taking islands and caves that you wouldn’t otherwise see. There are also party boat tours for those party go-ers who wish to have fun, play party games and drink. You can rent a boat if you wish to have a day out as a couple or a family on the water, just don’t forget to pack lots of waterproof sunscreen as spending time in the water can feel as though you aren’t at risk to the sun- this is where people get the worst sunburn.

Bars and Clubs

Nightlife in Paros is booming and there are bars and clubs for those who wish to party and those who wish to have quiet drinks with local cuisine and music. Brazil Cocktail Bar in Paros is a small, cosy bar that offers a huge range of cocktails at a great price, perfect for a date with a lovely ambience and great local music. If you’re looking to party, Entropy Bar offers drinks at affordable rates and even offers beer pong. Wander down the streets of Parikia and you will find a variety of bars and clubs depending on what mood you are in. There are many local shops where you can buy your own drink if you fancy a drink in your Paros villa one evening.

Whatever you decide to do in Paros, you are guaranteed to have a good time and get a tan. Greece is a fantastic place to visit and the locals are extremely welcoming. Paros offers great food, tourist destinations and has many activities to keep the kids entertained.