Travelling can be expensive when you are with the entire family and especially when you are travelling during peak season. However, this should not discourage you from enjoying your trip. In this article, we will present some tips to help you enjoy your trip even when it is peak season and everything seems hard, crowded, expensive and difficult.

Air travel

  1. Book your tickets way ahead of time. You know how airfare tickets can be expensive as the travel date becomes nearer. So make sure to book your plane tickets at least 1 month in advance.
  2. Check in for flights 24 hours ahead. Lines at the airports can be crazy long so make sure to check in online to save time at the airport.
  3. Have printed copies of your boarding passes. Yes, you can access your boarding passes through your mobile app or your email however, during peak season, airports can be crowded and this could mean many people connecting to Wifi and as a result, Internet connection might be slow. And you do not want to go through the hassle of not being able to find your boarding passes. Therefore, it is best that you have your boarding passes printed.
  4. Go to the airport early. You know how airports can be jam-packed and expect worst during peak season like holidays like Christmas or New Year. Therefore, be sure to arrive at the airport as early as 2 or 3 hours ahead of your boarding schedule. This gives you time allowance in case of long lines or any unwanted incidents. One of the first priorities when you’re travelling is not to miss your flight.


Accommodations and reservations

  1. Make hotel reservations as early as possible. Hotel accommodation in Sydney and other cities can be very much in-demand during holidays and peak season and as the supply goes down, the prices go way up high. Or worst, you might not be able to get any reservation at all for your preferred hotel so be sure to book early.
  2. Print your reservation confirmations. When it’s peak season, hotels can be stricter with reservations so you need to prepare all the documents to avoid any dispute. Many people can be waiting for a slot in the hotel so just a few technicalities like missing reservation confirmation can throw you out. Thus, it is recommendable to bring hard copies of your confirmations.
  3. Book your tickets and restaurant reservations too. Aside from hotel accommodation, you should also make sure to book restaurant reservations and other tickets that you may need for your trip. Since it’s peak season, expect long lines and fully booked attractions and restaurants so best practice to make your bookings online and ahead of time.

Another general rule to consider when travelling is to always consider adding buffer time during your travel whether you are flying, travelling on the road or visiting theme parks. You should always anticipate a large crowd since it’s peak season so be sure to arrive on your schedules ahead of time to save yourself from hassle of cramming.

With enough preparations, your trip will surely be fun and memorable even when you’ve decided to travel a country duringhigh peak or in-demand season.