Travelling the world is one of the best ways that we can feel alive. Whether it’s lazing on a beach or visiting the poker tables of Las Vegas, there’s nothing like travel to broaden our horizons and give us that lust for life! However, all of those air miles come at a cost and our wanderlust can often leave us feeling tired and worn out. So if you’re about to hit the road, here are some tips that can make your travels feel a lot more homely.


We’ve already covered how you can make your motor home more comfortable, but for those of us checking in and out of hotels, it can be a little tougher. Although most modern hotels aim to treat their guests to all manner of creature comforts, the reality is that most of us will find a few things will be lacking – after all, there’s a reason why many people take their own pillow on holiday with them! Whilst we can usually enjoy the use of a kettle and hair-dryer in our hotel rooms, we can’t guarantee that our in-room entertainment is going to be much more than a few flickery channels on the hotel TV.

Home Entertainment

Thankfully, there’s been a revolution in slimline technology that can be simply slipped into your backpack. Rather than taking that doorstop-sized holiday book, the Glowlight Nook eReader can fit an entire library into its sleekly-designed aluminium body. Tablet technology means that we can enjoy many hours of boxset TV series, movies and even games without having to rely on the traditional hotel entertainment. And with more hotels offering complementary Wi-Fi it can also help us do some research to become better acquainted with the local area too, whether it’s finding the nearest laundrette, or even just going to the Lucky Nugget Casino site where their blog can help you understand what a poker bankroll is before you hit the gaming tables on your glamorous excursion!

Packing Style

Many of the world’s jet-setting elite have shown us new ways to travel that doesn’t have to mean missing out on the home comforts. Some of these celebrity packing tips shows that just because we’re packing light, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a taste of home. So whether it’s immersing yourself in a world of sound with some of the latest headphones or just a cashmere sweater, giving yourself a few creature comforts is a key way to enjoy your travel experience!