Hotels are necessary for travellers and considered to be the first concern when planning a trip. At first, hotels should be secure and safe. They should take good care of people and make their stay as pleasant as possible. If a guest has left an item at home, for example, a phone charger or laptop cable, usually the hotel comes for the rescue. For all hotels, it’s about giving an exciting guest experience because they wish for the guest and tourists to come back again and relish their staying with them. However, here are some concerns to discuss that will make your stay comfortable, you perhaps didn’t think of—and these will additionally guide you to avoid the unwelcoming surprises when you check out:


If you’re stuck with a late returning flight and could spend some additional time in your room, then asking for a delayed check out right when you firstly check-in is one of the essential things to do. Ask nicely, share your loyalty to the hotel, and don’t be ashamed to tip the desk clerk for the favor.


A lousy view, like the construction of a building or any crowded supermarket, is not what you want during your stay at the hotel, so share these concerns in advance while booking a room. Asking for a place which has a good view from the window is your right. Hotel staff will readily fulfill your demand because this is what they are here for. You can even be vocal about this matter at the time of checking-in, and the staff will try to accommodate you if possible.

If you’re just like most travellers and you’ve taken the time to search your hotel, then check for all reviews and then book a room. Few places, like the Westgate hotel, are in a higher demand nowadays because of their hotel facilities and amenities.


The hidden fees with city taxes and additional VAT can all add up to the surprises when you come to pay your bill. You need to be sure about what kind of facilities you want to utilise during your stay and which ones are complimentary. For instance, the facility of valet parking, availability of internet, breakfasts, newspaper, and some snacks in your room are some of them. Check the details of these facilities once you check-in so you are better prepared.


Not all hotels have spas, steam rooms, and saunas. However, few hotels provide these amenities by partnering up with nearby facilities. These facilities always add up comfort, luxury, and a sense of relaxation for the guests. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy such facilities for free, especially when you are on vacation?


Toiletries inside the hotels are just like bread in restaurants; they should always be available, and you can always ask for more if required. If you’ve missed your toiletry bag somewhere or had an awful experience of getting mugged, ask your reception, you will be provided these items for free. It is quite common that services of hotels include providing toothbrushes with toothpaste to go with plenty of other toiletries (conditioner, shampoo, and a sewing kit).


In general, hotels clean bed linens every single day, but there’s a possibility that the blankets and comforters may not. So, be sure to ask for a full set of clean bed linens from bedsheets to the quilt. If you ask, they simply do it; no hotel wants negative feedback from a guest over a simple issue of not providing clean bed linens.


Since a large number of people spend a fortune on making hotel bookings or reservations, it is our right to inquire about issues, like, security along with the availability of facilities, like clean rooms and bathrooms. Most often, we go to the hotel with so much passion expecting to have the best time. But later it is found that the hotel rooms do not have all the facilities we wished to have. It’s just like to be washed in a sea of frustration upon arrival because you were expecting so much. Therefore, you should inquire about all your concerns in advance do avoid any unpleasant experiences.