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Set your own prices

On RentRoom.com the final decision on the pricing of your room belongs only to you. We won’t impose any minimum or maximum price, giving you the full freedom of establishing your own rent. If you’re looking for flexibility and no control over your renting, Rent Room is the perfect place to publish a listing to rent out a room.

User-friendly interface

Rent Room is extremely easy to use, allowing you to set up a listing in just a few minutes. On Rent Room, you can publish a listing for either a room or a whole apartment or house. Simply provide the title of your advertisement, enter a tagline along with a detailed description of your room or house, add some images and contact information, and fill in the rent details, such as the type of property, number of rooms, and size of the property.

Free to use

With Rent Room, you can advertise your room or property for rent without having to pay an exorbitant fee. In fact, Rent Room allows you to create a listing for absolutely free! We also offer premium packages to customers with higher expectations, providing more submissions available, longer expiration date, increased visibility, featured advertisements, and many more!

Find tenants easily with Rent Room

We develop Rent Room every day, striving to expand the platform to provide more functionality to users and making renting a room easy and approachable. As our user base grows, more and more potential tenants look for available apartments and rooms to rent. With Rent Room, you will find a new tenant to occupy one of your empty rooms in no time!