It can be quite hard to stay away from home for a long period of time, but those traveling with motor homes have an advantage. These vehicles can be altered, customised and tweaked to become the perfect family home, away from home. This can make your holiday more meaningful, and a lot more memorable!

Making your RV, trailer or caravan feel like a home starts from the beginning, and there’s something you should be doing at the buying stage… How do I buy the right motor home? You should spend some time in it before you slap down the cash. Take a good look around, and imagine having a family holiday in it.

Motor home sellers will be happy to let you take a good look at the vehicle before you purchase, and I recommend you do so. The more happy you are with it upfront, the less work you’ll have to do to make it feel homely. However, once you have the keys and are driving away, the real work begins

I wouldn’t recommend tearing out the floor completely, as you could cause long-term damage to the vehicle. However, I’d recommend placing down your favourite rugs, to help keep the carpet clean and to help it look and feel more like home. The best thing about this is that it isn’t permanent. When your motor home isn’t in use, you can take the rug right back out and leave it at home!

There’s no reason you can’t hang up your favourite artwork and paintings to give your motor home that personalised feel. Have your children created some paintings at school? Why not frame them and hang them up? Just like the previous rug scenario, these paintings can be kept in your home too, when not needed in the motor home.

It’s really the tiny details that build a home, and this situation is no different. Starting with the bathroom, a toothbrush holder, shower mat and bath bomb set can make the area all the more enticing, and keep it feeling fresh too. It’s important to not let your motor home feel like a hotel, and keep it feeling like a house.

Keeping your motor home warm and heated is imperative, and while some forms of heating aren’t viable, others are. For example, a wood burning stove is a great item in the house, but in an RV, this is impossible. So, replicate that feeling with an electric one instead, complete with dancing flames and a wooden pattern.

Many people will also rip out the seating areas and place recliners in the same position. The built in seating for a motor home can be uncomfortable, so attempt to make it your own. The key when altering furnishings is to be able to make reversible changes. If the time comes to sell your motor home, you want to be able to change it back to how it looked when you bought it.

So, in short, it’s not too hard to make an RV, caravan or trailer feel like a proper home. It sometimes just means transferring a part of your proper home into the vehicle. Whether it’s a piece of art or a home comfort, you owe it to yourself to be truly comfortable when on the road.