When we think of travelling we imagine running to catch the last bus out of a remote village, trying your best not to miss your connecting flight, struggling with huge rucksacks through crowded marketplaces and of course beautiful scenery. Travelling is the dream of so many and it’s something that everyone should try – but while heading off to distant lands is wonderfully romantic and adventurous it can also be quite stressful and demanding…so, what can you do to stop a stress-overload?

Well, I’ve come up with 5 activities you can try to reduce the stress on your travelling adventure. In between all the exciting and exhilarating stuff of course!

Include a little culture

Exhilarating days climbing mountains, bartering in the market, riding a moped through the city and then heading to the beach in the evening sounds like the perfect combination to me. However if you want to have a few evenings that are a little more relaxed, where you can gather your thoughts without feeling like your missing out on what your destination has to offer then why not add a little culture? A show, stage play or even an opera – check out Rome Opera Tickets here – is a sure fire way to get a huge culture boost without feeling like you’ve wasted an evening.

Wake up early

Sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough time in the day. A phrase that many travellers can relate to. So, why not make your day a little longer (and more relaxed) by getting up earlier? Set your alarm, and head out for a good breakfast. Watch the world wake around you. You’ll feel set up for the day and ready to take on anything, you’ll also get a new perspective on your chosen destination.


Just because you’re in a remote part of the world, doesn’t mean you can’t switch off from it for a short time. Get yourself some noise cancelling earphones and have the foresight to download a selection of audiobooks that you can listen to when you need a distraction from all the hustle and bustle.

Don’t over schedule

One of the biggest mistakes that travellers make when they head off on their adventures is over stretching themselves. It’s understandable that you want to cram in as much and as many experiences as possible but rushing around from activity to activity and place to place only means more stress, less time and lost chances to really engross yourself in the local culture. Strip back your to-do list and make it more relaxed and achievable.


A new country means new customs and of course new food. I’m sure you’re looking forward to trying all kinds of local delicacies. But sometimes, finding something that you’re going to enjoy and feel satisfied with isn’t always easy and can be stressful. So, go and find something you’re familiar with. Don’t feel guilty about treating yourself to a cheeseburger from a global chain restaurant. Sometimes the comfort of familiar food is all it takes to help you relax.