2020 has dramatically changed the way we travel. Borders have shut, social distancing is the new normal, and masks look like they’re here for the foreseeable future. Just because it’s different, doesn’t mean you can’t take a much-deserved trip. You need to be aware of the new rules in place. How can you stay safe while travelling?

Be Prepared

You always need to be organised when planning a trip, but this even more so the case this year. Rules and restrictions change frequently. Not only will you need one main itinerary, but also a plan B just in case. Combining your organisation skills with flexibility can make for a much less stressful trip. Be prepared and research your routes. From train times to London to local traffic tips.


Just like with any holiday, you need to decide where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. However, now you’ll need to spend some time weighing up the safety of each mode of public transport – from taking the bus to getting on a plane. You need to factor in your comfort and confidence levels. Maybe you’re ready for an abroad getaway, or maybe you’d rather stick with exploring your own county. The decision is yours.


There are certain countries which you can currently visit without having to quarantine. It’s important to note that this list gets updated frequently. However, other places require you to self-isolate for 14 days after you visit them. This means you can’t leave the house at all and you’ll need to rely on online shopping deliveries or your loved ones to bring you the essentials. Are you willing to do this? If not, you’ll want to think about picking a different destination.

Follow Protocols

When it comes to the journey itself you need to be aware of the protocols in place. Before you set off, make sure to check the government guidelines. These are particularly important if you are taking public transport. You should wear a mask when you’re on board and social distance where you can. Plus it’s a good idea to bring some hand sanitiser with you so you can keep your hands clean. Remember, it’s not just about you but protecting those around you.

The world is a scary place right now, but you can still spend some time admiring the beauty of it. Do you have any travel plans over the next few months?