In all the wedding preparation that soon-to-be newlyweds have to plan, the honeymoon is perhaps one of the most important and traditional aspects. Once the dust has settled from any table placement fall-out and the hangovers have subsided – often being replaced by a cocktail in a tropical paradise – honeymoons are that perfect period to spend time together as a newly married couple before normal life resumes.

But planning your dream honeymoon means you need to make some important decisions – like when, where and how much.

When will you take your honeymoon?

There’s a rising trend for newlyweds to take minimoons straight after their wedding and take a longer honeymoon later in the year. Taking a few days abroad, most often to a European city or exploring the UK is fast becoming the new norm. As weddings in the UK cost more and more each year, savvy couples are choosing to take their honeymoon outside of peak seasons to save money – and eek out the wedding celebrations!

Where will you take your honeymoon?

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, a recent study suggested that 76% of Brits will continue to holiday abroad, meaning the traditional honeymoon in the sun is still a firm favourite.

Depending on when you plan on taking your honeymoon may impact on where you can go – traditional honeymoon destinations are often sunny-year-round countries like Bali and the Maldives; while other places, like India, have rainy seasons. If you’re looking for a honeymoon that combines culture and cuisine with spectacular landscapes, places like Georgia, Morocco and Uruguay are rising in popularity. 

How much will you spend?

Setting a budget for your honeymoon is just as important as the budget for the big day. Of course, your honeymoon should be special, but it shouldn’t be at the detriment of your future life together. Deciding how you’re going to finance it your honeymoon – whether you’re going to use your savings or consider other alternatives – will help focus your mind on where and when you can travel, as well as if you can afford to splash out luxury touches like flying first class, upgrading your room or dining out in one the best restaurants; or if in fact you need to find a compromise.

Who will be the honeymoon planner?

Planning a wedding is often more stressful than honeymoon planning, but no less important. To prevent any pre-marriage arguments its best to decide who will take charge of the wedding planning and who should take the lead on the honeymoon planning.

Of course, discussions still need take place between the pair of you!   

Whether you choose to honeymoon straight after the wedding or opt for holidaying later in the year, with careful planning you can create your dream honeymoon and make memories that will last a lifetime.