Has your holiday been cancelled? Waking up to the news that your dream break has been snatched away from you is utterly heartbreaking. You’ve worked hard all year and you deserve some time to get away from the humdrum and stress that life can bring. Whether you’ve had your entire holiday cancelled or it’s just your flights that are affected, cancelled travel plans bring a lot of stress, anxiety and frustration to everyday life – which is exactly what you were trying to get away from in the first place! By using Creditfix and their helpful infographic, you can find some useful information about what to do if your holiday has been cancelled.

There are many reasons why your break or flight might have been cancelled. We’re all familiar with the major holiday operator, Thomas Cook going under earlier in the year which left thousands of holidaymakers in the lurch as well as thousands more stranded abroad. But adverse weather, issues with your resort, problems with the plane, a lack of passengers or even flight crew can all lead to a cancelled holiday and heartbreak for you. Despite the upset, you need to act quickly. Getting your money back from your holiday provider should be your next step. Here you’ll find a helpful infographic detailing what you should do next. Check it out!