London is truly something special to behold for international travellers, but England has so much more to offer than just the (admittedly rather wonderful) capital city. And much of it is just a short distance away, which means you could quite comfortably combine a post-lockdown London holiday with one or all of the incredible vacation options below.

These ‘on your doorstep’ favourites are not just for international tourists either. Londoners may be wanting nothing more than a break from the city once lockdown ends and these are a few of the best places to visit for a great day out and a much-needed change of scenery.


Home to some truly beautiful gothic architecture and iconic University buildings, Cambridge is a spectacular city that couldn’t possibly be more British if it tried. It’s where Stephen Hawking spent much of his professional life and is famous for its culture and its incredible pubs. So, whether you’re punting along the river (and you might as well spend an afternoon in Oxford while you’re at it), soaking up the sun at the Botanic Gardens or taking a student’s eye view of the city on a University tour, it’s a city that never disappoints. Getting the train from London Kings Cross to Cambridge is easy and affordable too, so there really is no excuse!


Get a true sense of British seaside culture just a short train ride from the city centre. If you want to be beside the seaside then Southend-on-Sea is just about as good as it gets. You get not only the world’s longest pier stuffed full of arcades, bars and world-leading fish and chip shops, but you have some deceptively cosy sand and shingle beaches too. It’s also a town with a surprisingly robust nightlife, so you could do a lot worse than a cheeky weekend away to Southend.

South Coast of England (Brighton, Portsmouth)

There is plenty to see and do south of London. In the southern cities of Brighton and Portsmouth, you’ll get a real change of scenery and pace and a glimpse as some of the most historically significant attractions in the country. The south coast has something for everyone – history, natural beauty, fun and some awesome museums. In the city of Portsmouth alone, you have some of the most exciting and relevant naval museums that you’ll find anywhere in the world. In Brighton, meanwhile, you’ll find a coastal city of rare character. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular journeys for Londoners and if you want a weekend away by the seaside without feeling like you’ve left the modern world behind, it really can’t be beaten!