What better place could there be on the planet for finding yourself in food heaven than Italy? Italy is the birth of it all from culture to cuisine, fine wines, cheeses, and hams. From Pasta to Pizza to Tiramisu and fantastic coffee Italy has everything you could want from a holiday.

It’s climate ranges from snow-capped mountains to green and fertile valleys to some of the best beaches in the world. It has culture, opera, art and some of the most recognisable images in the world. Its people are humble, friendly passionate and fiery.

Everything an Italian does is done with passion and style. If you want to learn about food, this is where you come. If you want to learn what to do with food, this is where you come. Italy is the start of it all, and it is waiting for you to take up the challenge.

Choose the right mix for you Try and get an idea what you want from your holiday as Italy has so much to offer you will exhaust yourself trying to do everything. You could combine a visit to Rome, Pisa, Florence Naples, Venice or Milan, with your culinary adventures. Milan is easily accessible with many visitors flying into Milan airport an opting for Milan airport transfers to get into the city rather than hiring a car or using public transport. Each of these places and many more besides can offer you a base for your holiday.

From Architecture to Art, and from Leonardo to Michelangelo, Italy is the cradle. It is the birthplace of Renaissance Civilisation. And of course, you could eat well every night and be amazed at the quality of food and wine on offer. But to get to grips with a food lovers Italy you might consider basing yourself in a regional area that can offer you everything you want.

Florence and Chianti Country

Naples might have its pizza, and there is no shortage of pasta throughout Italy. But Florence and the Chianti region encapsulates everything you could want in some of the most famous foods and tastes in Italy. Can you imagine being taken to a winery and being wined and dined with the producers of some of the most revered and famous wine in the world?

The Chianti region has a fascinating history, and wine production is central to that. And there is the food. Some of the premium producers of the greatest delicacies in the world are in the area. To make the most of food and wine tours take a look at the range of possibilities offered by Emiliadelizia.com. You could spend your time finding out the subtle secrets of Parmigiano cheese for example. Then there are the ham producers. Let your taste buds spring alive with some of the finest aged balsamic vinegar.

The fields and valleys are filled with olive groves. The region around you is classic truffle hunting country. The terrain sweeps down from snow-capped mountains to Chianti’s vineyards. From beautiful beaches to the stunning countryside. You could stay in charming hotels or even rent your own villa.

You’ll learn about food production in a stunning region. And about some of the most genuine and passionate farmers and food producers in the world. Here you’ll discover your passions. You’ll start to understand and share how this amazing cuisine and its food has developed over the centuries. You could even go so far as to enrol on a cooking course and produce a banquet. The memories you’ll take away with you will leave Italy in your heart for a long time to come, but the secrets you have shared will stay with you forever.