You’re not the only one that gets a little bit homesick when on holiday. For all the excitement and luxury of being abroad, we do start to miss our creature comforts. And the more time you stay away from home, the more intense your longing gets. Isn’t it weird how our brains work like that? We feel compelled to take a step outside our comfort zones, but get itchy feet once we do.

You shouldn’t let that spoil your holiday though. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your homesickness, there are some things you can do to feel more at home. Yes, even in an unfamiliar hotel. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday without pining for home.

1). Get to Grips with Your New Surroundings

Once we arrive at our destination, the temptation to immediately skulk to the nearest bar is one that can be too difficult to resist. But, at least, try to fight it. Instead, as soon as you arrive at the hotel, try to spend a little bit of time becoming familiar with your room. Remember, this is going to be your home away from home for however long. Take the time out to just sit around for a few hours. This can go a long way to helping you feel at ease.

2). Pack Your Creature Comforts

Before you leave for your trip, consider the things that you will miss the most. Where possible, try to take them with you. Obviously, you won’t be able to haul your furniture across the world with you, but think about the little things. It could be as simple as bringing along a picture frame that will remind you of home. You may need to allocate additional luggage room for them, and you have a wealth of options. You could include them in your hand luggage, or even learn how yo use packing cubes to your advantage.

3). Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

One of the most common causes of homesickness is missing your friends and family. You may not even realise how much until they’re not there anymore. Taking the time out to call them every couple of days could go a long way to help you alleviate your homesickness. It’s important to stay connected with your loved ones, even if you’re halfway across the world. And it’s never been easier than it is today. Forget a postcard, log onto Skype and have some face time.

4). Try to Live as Your Normally Would at Home

You may be surprised to learn that the thing you miss most is the regular things you would be doing at home. You take them for granted the rest of the time. If you’re prone to longing for home, you could try a couple of things to ease the transition. Book a hotel room with a kitchen so that you can enjoy home-cooked food. Wear your comfortable lounge clothes around your room. You could even take along all the beauty products you love so that you can pamper yourself!