2020 meant that the majority of people had to cancel their travel plans and stay put at home. However, next year could tell a different story. Let’s explore how far people are willing to travel and some of the dream destinations for next year.

Increase Bookings

The travel company, Jules Verne, conducted a survey to work out what the future of travel would look like. It revealed over a third of respondents want to start travelling by next spring, with 35% of people already planning their next trip. Here in the UK, cottages, glamping and camping spots are already being booked for next summer. It would appear that a lot of the population are keen to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. It’s been advised to book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Adventure Awaits

Staycations have proved to be popular this summer and it looks like this trend will continue. But what about those people who have their sights further afield? Some may want to make the most of their next trip and do something adventurous – try something they never would have done otherwise. Over half of the people asked in the survey said they would be happy to travel in group tours. This option can allow you to discover the best sights a country has to offer. Egypt escorted tours let history come to life in front of you.

See Europe

For people who do feel comfortable travelling outside of the UK, where do they want to explore? According to Jules Verne, Europe is the most popular destination, with 46% of correspondents aiming to travel there in the next 18 months. Italy was the top country people wanted to visit. Whether you want to delve into history or go on a cultural city break, Europe has plenty of destinations for you to pick from.


Another travel trend that’s expected for next year is sustainability. People will have the environment at the forefront of their mind. This could impact holidays in various ways: from people choosing to stay closer to home, to those who want to choose eco-friendly destinations. Needless to say, people will definitely be travelling in 2021. Not a single person in the survey said they wouldn’t travel again.

Whether you choose to stay in the UK or have an adventure abroad, make sure to stay safe and have fun. How do you feel about making travel plans for next year?