So you’ve worked like crazy, saved some money and now you’re all geared up for the long vacation you were planning to take. The destination is decided, the tickets are booked and all you have to do is to pack your bags and leave. Seems like you have already finished with all the hard parts, right? Well, you are wrong. You still have another thing to do, which is one of the most underrated, yet one of the most important steps of every travel-story. And that step is, packing your bags!

Packing your bags just right is really important for an enjoyable vacation. If you over-pack, you will be carrying around unnecessary weight with you. If you under-pack, you might not have the perfect dress to wear at the posh beach-club which you’ve just discovered. Maybe you won’t bring enough travel-ready underwear with you and end up sweaty and uncomfortable while going for that beautiful hike. Well, don’t you worry. To help you pack your bags in a perfect way, here is a list of five things which everyone must carry in their bags before setting off to a long, and hopefully memorable vacation.

 1. Comfortable, travel-friendly underwear

The one thing that you carry enough of when you travel is underwear. As you will be on the road for a long period of time, carrying enough underwear should be a necessity if you want to maintain your hygiene. Also, the normal underwear you wear every day might not be perfect for travelling. Always remember to pick comfort over looks when it comes to wearing undergarments while travelling. As you can expect to walk a lot, stay in unknown weather conditions and take part in a lot more physical activity than you normally do, wearing comfortable underwear should be one of the things which you must not overlook.

2. Study folder

Always carry a study folder in your bag where you will keep all the important documents you will be carrying with you. Papers like your ID proof, visa papers, passport, aeroplane tickets, booking receipts etc. are some of the most important things which you have to carry around with you while you travel. You would want all of these papers to stay together and organised in your luggage, so you can find anything and everything whenever you want, easily. Keeping all these important documents in a study folder will help you achieve just that.

3. First-aid kit

Always remember to carry a first-aid kit customised as per your need while you travel. Keep necessary things like large patch bandages, anti-allergy medicines, antiseptic lotions, Neosporin etc. handy. You will thank yourself later.

4. Head TORCH

A head torch can save you from a lot of troubles while you are on the road. If you couldn’t finish that hike on time and the sun went down, or if there’s just too many power cuts happening – a headlamp will sure be a saviour.

5. Small bungee cord

Another multi-purpose thing that you can carry with you while you travel is a mini bungee cord. It can help you in so many inconvenient situations that you cannot even imagine. From holding down a broken door to closing an over-packed or busted suitcase, a mini bungee cord can help you with a lot of things.