Like every global traveller with itchy feet, we can’t wait for everything to open up again post-pandemic.

But safety always comes first, so in the meantime we’re keeping ourselves occupied with fantasy travel plans which can transform to reality in a few months’ time (fingers, toes and everything else crossed!).

One place we can’t wait to return to is Scotland.

Often voted the most beautiful country in the world, the stunning scenery is complemented by a fascinating culture, lively locals and nightlife that’s wonderful and often a little wild!

If you’re tempted to join us on our Caledonian escapade, here are five tips for a superb Scottish trip.

Entry requirements

It probably goes without saying – but check and double-check your government travel advice whenever you’re taking off anywhere, Scotland included.

As we know all too well by now, circumstances can change rapidly – let’s hope for much more stability mind you!

Bargain flights

Once the ‘new normal’ becomes just ‘normal’, chances are that there won’t be the same amount of flight choices on offer as pre-pandemic, at least not for a while.

So book your flights as early as possible to secure them and you might also grab an early-bird bargain and the best choice of seats too.

Awesome accommodation

Accommodation choices in Scotland range from romantic high-end hotels to low-cost hostels and uber-cool urban locations to romantic rural spots.

Some of the low-cost accommodation in Scottish cities is of an excellent standard, as this list of the best hostels in Edinburgh from Hostelworld proves!

One thing’s for sure – you’ll never forget the hospitality you receive, whatever your budget.

Fab food

Contrary to what certain English culinary commentators will tell you, Scottish people don’t survive solely on deep-fried Mars bars and fish suppers – although these are both delish dishes in moderation.

You’ll find everything from haute cuisine to international street food here and Indian food is very popular. If you want the best hangover cure known to man, try a square sausage roll with an Irn Bru carbonated drink – a legendary cure-all.

Stay connected

Naturally, you’ll want to keep in regular touch with friends and relatives while you’re in Scotland – especially if you’re taking a long-term trip.

Luckily, the internet provision and speed is decent throughout most parts of Scotland, except some of the most remote areas – so whether you’re writing travel articles for Lonely Planet or studying an online degree with ARU distance learning, you won’t miss any vital correspondence!

Follow these five tips for a super Scottish trip and you’ll have the time of your life in what, for many, is by far the best part of the UK.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland have their charms – from Morris dancing and warm beer to verdant sheep-packed valleys and melodious male voice choirs, and cracking coastlines to buzzing cities.

However, Scotland’s cool cities, majestic mountains and gorgeous lochs and glens are beyond compare.