It’s safe to say that in the past year Mexico has suffered as a prospective travel destination as a result of the ongoing problems caused by the widely publicised war between rival drug gangs. This bad press has had an adverse effect on tourism in the country, but before you discount Mexico as a potential holiday destination altogether, take a look at this list of 5 great holiday destinations that are still very much safe to visit (but remember…don’t forget your travel insurance !) .

1. Mexico City

The first port of call for any Mexican excursion should be the magnificent Mexico City, the countries capital city and home to over 21 million people.

Whilst staying the city be sure to visit the Zocalo plaza, one of the world’s biggest public spaces and the heart of the city.

Amongst the bustling streets, packed with historical buildings and monuments, you will also find a vibrant modern city with plenty of shops, bars and cafes to spend your foreign currency in.

2. Copper Canyon

In stark contrast to the crowded streets of Mexico City, the next destination that we would heartily recommend you visit is the breathtaking Copper Canyon.

Although almost completely anonymous in comparison to its American brother – The Grand Canyon – the Copper Canyon, a group of Canyons in the Chihuahua region of Mexico, is actually larger and in some places deeper than its US counterpart. Portions of Copper Canyon are deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The entire canyon system stretches approximately 900 miles. The name “Copper Canyon” comes from the bronze-like color of the canyon walls. While copper is mined in some parts of the canyon, silver and gold are more common.

3. Oaxaca

Widely considered to be the most ethnically diverse area of Mexico, the Oaxaca state in the South-eastern region of the country is home to an incredible patchwork of cultures and traditions, with over 15 different ethnic groups still present and thriving in the region. Alongside this incredible ethnic diversity, the Oaxaca region is home to some of Mexico’s most beautiful scenery.

The name of Oaxaca comes from the Nahuatl word Huayacac. Its roots are Huaxin (kind of acacia) and Yacalt (peak, edge, top), top of the acacias.

It is 1,550 meters over the sea level with a yearly average temperature of 29,3°C (maximum) and 12,5°C (minimum).

The weather varies a lot because of the irregular surface of the soil. It is hot and dry in the coastal area near the Pacific; humid and hot in the Pacific Coast; and it varies in the Sierra Madre, being mild in the rest of the State and cold in areas with an altitude higher than 2,000 meters above sea level.

4. Monterrey

As Mexico’s second richest, and more importantly in the countries current situation, its safest city, Monterrey represents another great opportunity to experience Mexican urban life.

Monterrey has a huge amount on offer for tourist willing to explore, such as the Grutas de Garcia caves which are located roughly 30km from the city and are comprised of an astonishing system of caves that date back to more than 50 million years ago.

5. Puebla

If you think you might find Mexico City a little hectic, perhaps consider a trip to Puebla – a city widely considered as being Mexico-city-lite.

With a paltry 1.5million residents compared to Mexico City’s 21 million, Puebla is no more than a village in comparison but is still packed with cathedrals, museums and beautiful historic architecture to enjoy, in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than the capital.