Even though you may think you know a place, it isn’t until you actually get out and explore that you really find out what a location is all about. If you have never seen the fun side of Singapore (or even if you think you have), then be sure to check out the top 10 sites Singapore has to offer.


Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the most visited botanical gardens in the world. When you combine that information with the fact that it is a free attraction, you have one of the most beautiful, educational and recreational facilities for a perfect price with a full calendar of events.

Great Orchard Road

While many cities have their own district or area of choice to fulfil tourism, nightlife, and general shopping needs, Orchard Road is the destination to satisfy any retail desires in Singapore. Countless outlets, stores, and restaurants will line the streets with more things to do than one can count.

Marina Bay

Anytime you have a nice port city or an area in general where you can watch the water you have a naturally attractive spot. However, when you find an area with more than $5.5 billion invested in it, there will be a significant number of things to do. The Marina bay is home to a museum, a casino, a resort, and more daytime and nightlife attractions then you could think possible for a single area.

Sentosa Island

You can’t have real fun for the whole family without mentioning at least one amusement park. When you think of Sentosa then you are thinking of a full island dedicated to the activities and excitement then you should head to Sentosa Island. And, if you happen to think just one day (or a few) won’t you’re your desire for fun, you can do like many other tourists and travellers do and look to PropertyGuru Singapore for a house for rent. Nothing makes a simple and relaxing vacation better than being able to extend it for just a few more days or even an additional week or two.


A tremendous icon in Singapore, Chinatown is a place of both entertainment and culture. If you head down to the Chinatown area you can see all of the sights that come with an authentic experience while also being able to spend hours (days) exploring everything there is to offer from shops, food, and historic locations.

Singapore Zoo

While any zoo can be entertaining, one that is home to almost 3,000 total animals of over 300 species is one that is truly out of this world. The zoo is set up with countless events, attractions, and even different zones so that you can take in all of the amazing animals of Asia as well as many more. A visit to the Singapore Zoo means you can have fun while observing nature and learning more at the same time.

Singapore Night Safari

While the zoo is a tremendous opportunity, the Night Safari is something in its own league. The nocturnal animal kingdom comes alive as guests can see more than 1,000 animals in the evening.


Singapore Flyer

The world’s largest observation wheel is always a sight to be seen by itself, but the views you can obtain from the three-plus story high wheel mean you get to see one of the most breathtaking and unobstructed sights the area has to offer. The Singapore Flyer combines a comfortable yet fun ride with the relaxation of just being able to sit back and enjoy the view.


Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

One of the hardest things about dealing with vacation can be the rush, excitement, and chaos that is trying to go someplace new each and every day. When you need to get away from the city, the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is described as a “natural zoo,” and you can take in the relaxing side of the area and wildlife.


Asian Civilisations Museum

The museum that houses all of the diversity of Asia is the Asian Civilisations Museum. Not only can you see artwork, artifacts, and general continental treasures, but you can fully immerse yourself into an experience where all of Asia is in front of your eyes.


As you can see, there are countless experiences to be had when it comes to visiting Singapore. The point is not to try and hit them all in one day just to check them off of the list, but rather to understand there is always more to explore. Even if you think you have seen Singapore, and even if you have experienced all of the items on this list, something is always waiting right around the corner.