Have you got everything planned for your next trip away? Everyone knows that they need to make sure they have their holiday essentials ready; a passport (that hasn’t expired), foreign currency and travel insurance. Is car parking on your list? I think it should be. Forgetting to book your parking, or leaving it until the last minute, could be an expensive mistake. Here are five great reasons to pre-book your airport parking.

Pre-booking will save you money

I think the best reason to pre-book your airport parking is to save some money. If you just turn up at the airport, without pre-booking, you could be stung by expensive parking prices. If you’re going away for a week, you could save as much as £40 on Heathrow airport parking. Avoid a nasty surprise and you could save enough to take the family for a meal before you fly, or a cheeky bottle of perfume for the wife. You can add cancellation protection to most bookings too, which allows you to get a refund until 24 hours before you’re due to arrive – just in case.

Save time and guarantee your space

Pre-booking your space at the airport doesn’t only save you money, it can save you time and hassle too. Driving around trying to find an affordable, secured car park can be a stressful experience. Even when you finally get to a car park you can spend, what seems like an eternity, searching for a parking space. By pre-booking, you’ll have detailed directions explaining how to get there and a guaranteed space, in a secured car park, at a great price. Hassle-free.

Book parking to start your holiday early

Including a parking package with an overnight stay at an airport hotel can only work out a couple of pounds more. In fact, sometimes it can cost less than parking on its own. Why not include a stay at the Hilton with your Birmingham airport parking? Relax and enjoy a delicious meal the night before you fly in the open and airy Boulevard Restaurant. You could even take a dip in the hotel’s pool. Surrounded by palm trees, it’ll seem like you’ve started your holiday a day early.

A nice surprise with an ‘undercover’ deal?

Some hotels offer amazing ‘undercover’ deals that include a night at the hotel and some parking too. These special deals are available at rock-bottom prices as the identity of the hotel remains a secret until after you’ve booked. Of course, you’ll be able to find out all of the basic details; the star rating, if there’s a restaurant and roughly how far away it is from the airport. For holidaymakers that love a surprise, this could be the option for you. Wake up relaxed, refreshed and just minutes from the airport. Ahhh…