Travelling has become widely popular in the recent years, mainly because a lot of people are starting to invest in experiences more than they used to. This includes planning trips from far flung countries to taking cruises. However, camping and road trips are also fast becoming big travelling trends.


When the journey is as important as the destination

While touring a foreign country already offers a unique glimpse into a different culture and way of life; there is also something humbling about driving towards your destination with friends or family. For some of us who have gone camping, the bonding time during the drive is what we’re looking forward to other than the excitement a destination offers.

But organising a camping trip means that apart from planning games and packing snacks, we need to make sure the campervan is comfortable for everyone. To help you, here are tips on how you can plan the perfect campervan road trip.


Make sure someone in the group can drive a van

Obviously, driving a car is different from driving a van. The turning radius, the weight, and size of a bigger vehicle may make it harder for you to navigate. So if no one else in the group has experience driving a larger vehicle, practice months before your trip. Ask your rental company the difference between handling an automatic or a manual transmission.


Take stock of what you need

Before heading out of the garage, do an inspection of the campervan first. Make sure to verify that everything the rental company promised the campervan has are there. This inspection includes an engine and tires check; if you can, drive around near their garage to make sure the handling works well.

Once you’ve got the keys, head to a convenience store to purchase any item you might need for the camping trip. This might include additional food, mosquito lotion, and so on.


Travel with people you like spending time with

There’s no use planning a camping trip if you’re going with people you don’t like in the first place. So whether you’re going with family or friends, make sure these are people you like hanging out with for long periods of time.


Plan your sites ahead

Keep in mind that your campervan is basically your home in wheels for the next couple of days. Planning your parking sites in advance will help eliminate the unnecessary stress of looking for the safest place to set up camp for the day. This is especially helpful if you plan on leaving the campervan to go on a hike; you need to make sure the parking site is safe so you won’t have to worry about your belongings.


But allow a little flexibility in your schedule

Of course, a camping road trip isn’t as fun without a little element of ‘go-with-the-flow’ incorporated in the plan. So if another camping group tells you about another hiking site you should definitely see, don’t hesitate to get on the driver’s seat and check it out for yourself.


Avoid overpacking

A campervan isn’t an excuse to pack your whole wardrobe in. You will have very limited space already, you don’t want unnecessary items taking up so much of it. Only bring the essential clothes that can keep you warm at night, and comfortable in the morning. Remember that you can always wash and repeat some of your clothes during your trip.


A camping road trip is always a fun time to get away from the stress of work or school, and just spend time with people you love. All it takes is choosing the right campervan and planning a course that will take you from the bustling city and into unique local destinations.


For the perfect trip, click here to know more about your campervan options. Enjoy!