The Kraków Airport is located a few kilometres to the west of the city. More and more people choose to travel by plane, and nearly everybody who is planning a flight to or from Kraków would like to know how to get to the airport in Balice. Let’s take a moment to explore the available options.

Convenient public transport to the Kraków Airport is one of the priorities of the municipal authorities, so no wonder that there are a few bus lines dispatched by the Municipal Transport Company. During the day you can travel by line 208, which travels between the Airport and the Railway Station, or by 252, which can take you to the Podwawelskie housing estate. The buses run from 5AM to 11 PM, once or twice per hour. If you need to get to the airport at night, between 11 PM and 5 AM, you can take line 902, which runs once an hour.

The advantages of this means of transport include an affordable price, because the fare is in any case below 20 PLN. Unfortunately, travelling by bus has its drawbacks: you must rely on the schedule and you will be limited by the route, which doesn’t have to be close to your accommodation. You also have to account for traffic jams, which may result in a delay.

Train to Balice

An obvious alternative to the bus transport is the train. There is a shuttle train that runs between the airport and the Railway Station. Such a journey takes 17 or 18 minutes and there is no risk that you will get stuck in a traffic jam.

Unfortunately, trains run to the airport once an hour and only during the day, which means you will arrive late at your accommodation when the plane happens to touch down right after the departure of the train, because you will have to wait an hour for the next one. Just like the bus, the train won’t take you straight to the doorstep of your hotel. On the other hand, it’s a cheap solution – the fare is ca. 12 PLN.

Private transfer to the Kraków Airport

You can also use the services offered by one of the private transport companies. They can organise your transfer to the Kraków Balice Airport and from the airport to the city. What is more, they will take you straight to and from your hotel. You can agree on a specific departure time, which eliminates the need to wait and guarantees that you will reach your accommodation right after you land in Balice. This option means it’s easier for you to plan your stay in Kraków and reduces the need to look for other means of transport to reach the hotel.

Another advantage of using private transfer is that you can pick the right size of the vehicle to accommodate the relevant number of passengers, which will be particularly convenient for people travelling in groups or with children. This option of private transfer to and from the Kraków Airport will be cheaper than a taxi and just as convenient, because it will take you straight to your hotel.