Traveling in Singapore is really so much fun. There are many attractions to see, great places to stay and delicious food to eat. If you want to experience traveling in Singapore like a local, you need to make sure to go to every famous ‘local’ spot in. With its vibrant culture, Singapore has provided many tourists spots for both tourists and locals to enjoy. You can travel for its food, culture, history, or you can travel to experience all of them. It is nice to travel like a local as you will be able to experience the ‘real’ Singapore. Many people in Singapore like to take trips when they have a holiday. They also like to visit the nearby tourism spot on weekends. The fresh air of Singapore coupled by its fully-complete entertainment will really heal the tiredness. Locals find themselves ready to start a new day after having a nice vacation with family.


Sleep like a Local

To experience Singapore like a local, sleep in certain places are nice and modern. You will not be able to experience the nice view and the hospitality of local people if you stay in a hotel. Try to look into a condominium for rent to meet your family’s accommodation needs. Even larger families will comfortably fit into most condominiums.  The condominium for rent concept is quite easy to get to know in Singapore and you will get easy access with public transportation like MRT. Alternatively, if you want to visit certain places, you may consider renting a condo near your favourite spots. Thus, it will take shorter time to get to those places.


Eat Like a Local

Your vacation will not be complete if you haven’t eaten like a local. To really taste the local food and get the feel of its culture, you need to visit Hawker centres. What is so special about this place? It is here that you will easily find a wide range of food from Malay, Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Peranakan and Thai in relatively fair prices. It is the perfect example demonstrating the fact that the Singaporeans actually consist of several nations, cultures, and backgrounds. People in Singapore really like eating and shopping. Thus, food is popularly sold in the ever-crowded Hawker centres. There are many food stalls lining up and there are tables with chairs everywhere for people to sit on. If you want to get your food, you need to first get a table. It may be wise to follow the local customs and save your seats before venturing out to pick your favourite culinary delights. After deciding on your table, you can walk around or buy some food in the food stalls near your table. It may be hard to find food you want to eat since there are many famous dishes offered from many different countries. Some famous dishes in Singapore are chilli crab, chicken rice, laksa, steak, and many more. The hardest part about choosing your meal will be which of the endless varieties of cultural food to pick to suit your taste.


Shop like a Local

Your trip will not complete without doing some shopping! There are many unique things to buy in Singapore that come with great prices. If you do plan to purchase any electronics, check and compare the prices. Many great sales are offered that totally beat the prices in other international destinations. Check local newspapers and sites for the best current deals. Some shopping districts that you can find in Singapore are Bugis Street, Heartland Mall, Bugis Junction, and many more. On the other hand, if you want to visit a place full of restaurants, boutique stores, and a shopping centre, you can go to Orchard Road. There you will find an ocean of choices for an endless shopping adventure. Whatever you do, avoid the tourist traps that charge too much compared to what the locals would pay. Just see where the locals go and go there.


Celebrate Like a Local

People in Singapore like to watch festivals. The celebration mentality is really big and Singapore goes to great costs to create beautiful festivals not to be missed. A few of the more famous festivals in Singapore include the Annual Food Events, Singapore’s Music Festivals, Annual Cultural Events, and Art Galore in Singapore. You need to come in certain dates to be able to participate in the festivals. For example, you will want to be in Singapore on May 30th if you want to watch the Dragon Boat Festival. There you will find boat racing to the rhythm of with thumping drumbeats to heat up the competition. While you see the festivals, there are many local foods offered again bringing you local entertainment at its finest. Before your trip ends, in addition to the famous MarinaBay Sands, it is an absolute must to go to Sentosa Island. There are so many remarkable attractions offered all in one place. On Sentosa Island you can really get the idea of vacationing in Singapore like a local. Watching fish in a huge aquarium, partying with a BBQ , watching the sunrise or sunset, watching K-pop idols singing live, and many more attractions can keep you busy for days. You can really celebrate your special vacation with family in this authentic, local Singaporean place.

For those of you who like adventure, try some of the water sports like wakeboarding, banana boat, or go all-out and try the I-Fly facilities. As if that’s not enough already, your Sentosa Island vacation could not to be complete without a visit to Singapore’s Universal Studio. The rides offered will really entertain adults and kids alike. There are nightly festivals for you to enjoy and endless rides to choose from. Plus, the food is really tasty here. For all that is offered under one roof, it’s a great deal and a truly Singaporean full package of family fun. Before going back home, do not forget to take a picture in front of Merlion Statue. It is a must as it acts as a symbol of Singapore. With many great choices for condominiums for rent, you will find it easy to find a place to stay. It takes a short time to get the condominium for your family and you can go to your destinations conveniently within Singapore. Having a trip in Singapore is a real treat since the people are so friendly, the food and shopping are great, and there are many local attractions. You don’t need to prepare much besides great anticipation for what’s in store.