Kyrgyzstan may not be the first place to come to mind when planning an adventure holiday, but this is exactly why it should be considered. This Central Asian country is somewhere that many people are completely unaware of – these lesser known parts of the world are intriguing and usually somewhere that is very different to what we know. This makes them ideal places for adventure and you are sure to dazzle your friends with stories once you return home.

Where is Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is found along the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean commonly known as the Silk Road. The landlocked country is known for its beautiful and rugged natural landscape, which includes the imposing and dramatic Tian Shan mountains and lush pastures. The mountains are wonderful for hiking and it is here that you are sure to have some amazing adventures. On top of the mountains and rural areas, Kyrgyzstan is also home to the second largest alpine lake in the world – the mesmerising Issy Kul Lake which is an absolute must visit.


A Proud Traditional Nation

In addition to the jaw-dropping natural beauty, Kyrgyzstan also has proud nomadic traditions and incredibly warm and friendly people. A huge part of adventure is meeting new people and experiencing new culture, and you will struggle to find greater cultural experiences than what you will find here. The warmth, skill and spirit of the nomads in their yurts will be a real eye-opening experience and show you a completely different way of living. This type of adventure sticks with you and is likely to have a lasting impact on your life.


Easy Travel

Kyrgyzstan is also one of the more progressive post-Soviet governments in the area and has the most liberal tourist visa policy in Central Asia. Although you will have no problem getting into or out of the country, it is recommended that you book your trip with an adventure holiday organiser – this ensures that you will visit all of the best areas and it takes the stress out of arranging the trip yourself.

Often, the best places for adventure are the countries that people do not know much about. The Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan is a prime example of this. It is an incredibly beautiful, unique and charming country that is sure to take your breath away. It is somewhat of a hidden gem and this makes it a fantastic option for anyone looking for somewhere slightly alternative to the more popular adventure hotspots.