Every year, thousands of people flock to Australia for a good time. Whether it is for a gap year or a year studying abroad, Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. It isn’t hard to see why the idea attracts you, what with the weather and the amazing tourist attractions. In all honesty, it will be one of the best years of your life!

Still, there is a lot to consider before you rock up Down Under and have a good time. One of the main factors to deliberate is your accommodation needs. Accommodation in Oz is incredibly varied, so which one is the best for you?


Throughout the entirety of the country, there are thousands of hostels full of like-minded people. The majority of the people who frequent these places are travellers. Hostels have a great and laid back atmosphere, which makes them perfect for meeting new people. Just as importantly, they are cheap. Accommodation in Australia is expensive, but hostels are the best budget option going. Even if you are not a traveller you might want to consider a hostel, especially if funds are low.



For the most part, you won’t stay in many motels. If you are based in one city for a prolonged period, people prefer hostels for the community and hotels for the comfort. However, when you are on the move, motels can be a Godsend. Driving the length of the country, especially, is tiring. At the end of the day, all you want is a bed of your own and some privacy. The Kingsley Motel accommodation is always a good option for this exact reason. Or, if you prefer, there are others that are just as good. The important thing to remember is the cost (very cheap), the ease and the privacy.


Everyone’s first choice would be a hotel. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a hotel if they are in the country for a prolonged period. However, if you do have the cash they are well worth looking into.  

Although the thought of meeting new people is a good one, the idea of living in tight quarters and out of a rucksack might send shivers down your spine! If you are only visiting for a couple of weeks and have the money, a hotel is the best place to set up shop.



A campervan is an option for all those people out there who want to experience the ‘real’ Australia vibe. If travelling from one coast to the next is on the agenda, a campervan can be a lifesaver. Not only does it act as your primary form of transport, but it also acts as your accommodation too! In the long run, that will save you a lot of money. And, if it all gets too much, you can park it up and book into a hostel or a hotel! Whatever accommodation suits your needs, you will undoubtedly have an amazing time. In Australia, you can’t fail to enjoy yourself.