While it would be nice to think that your vacation allows you to get away for a few weeks at a time, in reality this just isn’t always the case. With people’s busy lives and schedules, sometimes a short holiday is all you can fit it. That doesn’t mean you should feel trapped and stay at home though, as there are plenty of ways to enjoy a short-stay vacation in some of the most well-known cities around the world.

If you’ve had your eyes on Paris but weren’t sure a short-stay would do it justice, it’s time to re-examine how you see the vacation. With proper planning and a few useful tips and advice, you’ll find that you can pack a whole lot into a short-stay vacation in the city of lights. Let’s take a closer look.


Book as Much as Possible in Advance

One way to save on time is to book as many things as possible in advance. This includes your flight obviously, your accommodation, tours, and tickets. The more items you can plan from home, the less time you will have to spend dealing with the details in Paris. You’ll be able to create an entire itinerary before you even reach your destination.

A great example is that you can buy Sacre Coeur tickets here on the FastPassTours website. FastPassTours offers all kinds of great tickets to some of Paris’ most popular attractions. You can book guided tours, skip-the-line passes which will save you time, hop on hop off bus tours, walking tours, and so much more. In fact you can use their website to help guide you in terms of building your itinerary.


Pick a Centrally Located Hotel

Another tip is to make sure that your accommodation is centrally located and near the attractions and sights you are interested in. This means you’ll be able to use public transportation or even walk to everything you want to see.


Read Reviews on Sights and Attractions

Because you have limited time, you want to make sure that everything you see and do is well worth the time, so it can also be helpful to do a little research in advance. Read reviews from other tourists about various sights and attractions. Not only will you get a sense of whether or not they will be worth visiting, you may also find some helpful tips from other travellers.


Travel During Off-Season

Obviously you don’t always have a choice when it comes to holiday time, but if possible it’s best to travel during off-season. You’ll find there will be less crowds of tourists, which means you can get in and out of these attractions much faster, which also means you’ll be able to pack more into your visit.


Paris is Do-Able as a Short-Stay

When it comes to visiting Paris, it’s more than possible to experience the city and get a real sense of what it offers even if you’re only able to stay for a short amount of time.