Located just a little over an hour outside of Manhattan, Long Island is a refreshing change of pace from the hustle and bustle of big city life. With its sandy beaches and hidden treasures, Long Island offers a diversity of scenic views that make it the perfect destination for any photo shoot. Whether you are a professional photographer or an aspiring amateur, make sure to stop by these five locations on your next visit to Long Island.

Montauk Lighthouse

Image via Flickr by Lucas.Klappas

What could be a more romantic spot for an engagement or wedding shot than a lighthouse? One of the most iconic locations of this list, Montauk Lighthouse is located at the easternmost tip of Long Island. This location has many photo-worthy spots around the lighthouse itself and the surrounding beaches. Visit during the early morning for impressive photos of the sunrise over the ocean.

Lavender by the Bay

Lavender by the Bay is a family owned farm outside of East Marion, New York. The 17 acres of lavender make this destination the perfect spot for both portraits and panoramas. The lavender fields are typically in bloom between the beginning of June and end of July. Entry to the field is $9 on weekends, which is a small price to pay for stunning photos set against an ocean of purple. 

Fire Island

Fire Island offers visitors a quieter experience than some of the more crowded beaches around Long Island. Fire Island has a number of attractions, such as Sunken Gardens (a rare maritime holly forest) and the National Seashore, that would make this the perfect spot for your next photo shoot. You might want to book one of the quality hotels near Fire Island during your visit so that you have time to really soak in the sights and sounds this location has to offer.

Old Westbury Gardens

If you’re looking for a location with a different feel than the beaches on this list, Old Westbury Gardens would be a good place to start. This historical mansion dates back to 1906, and includes 200 acres of gardens, landscaped grounds, ponds, and woodlands. With such a large property, there are plenty of options for any style of photo shoot. Make sure to make arrangements ahead of time. Depending on if you are planning a wedding or an engagement session, you might have to fill out a form or obtain a permit before your visit.

Point Lookout Beach

Point Lookout Beach is located at the east end of Long Beach Barrier Island. This last location is a popular spot for surfers, giving you the opportunity to spice up your portfolio with some actions shots. If you know where to look, you can also find shells up and down the shore. The easy accessibility and the fun atmosphere of this beach makes it the perfect location for a family shoot.

No matter what you’re interested in photographing, these locations are the perfect spot to get the perfect shot. Make a vacation of it and spend your time enjoying seeing the various sights Long Island has to offer.