As a keen traveller, I love travelling to anywhere and everywhere. One of my favourite places to travel to is France – it’s such an awesome place to visit. Full of culture and heritage, amazing food and wine, and friendly people, France is somewhere that I always look forward to visiting. Located in the centre of Europe, France is the perfect place for a summer vacation, longer trip or short break. It has so many fantastic things to see and do, plus two very different sides to it – the north and the south, that you will never get bored here. Still not convinced that France is the perfect place for a summer holiday? No – then you need to have a read of this. To help convince you that France is the perfect place for a summer vacation, here are four reasons to visit this fantastic country

1. The food is delicious

You know all those rumours that you have heard about French food being amazing? Well, they are all true. French cuisine really is delicious – from scrumptious cheeses to yummy pastries, what’s not to love? Wherever you choose to visit in France, you will find lots of unique restaurants and eateries serving up lots of delicious foods. If you are a food lover, like me, France is the perfect travel destination.


2. The art is fantastic

If you are an art lover, or even if you are not, you have to see the art in France. Some of the pieces on show are absolutely out of this world. That’s why, if you want to see art, France is the place to go. While all of France is home to amazing art, Paris is home to all the best museums. So if you want to see art while in France, you will need to stop off in the country’s lovely capital, Paris. Two places that you shouldn’t miss while you are there are The Museum of Modern Art and, of course, The Louvre. The Louvre is one of the world’s very best museums and one of Paris’s most famous monuments.


3. Lots of lovely accommodation to choose from

When it comes to staying in France, the range of accommodation on offer is amazing. From twee farmhouses to posh, international hotels, France has it all. So whatever type of trip you want, there should be the perfect accommodation on offer for you. If you are travelling as part of a group, the best accommodation to go for is a villa. Many of France’s villas come with amazing views and fantastic facilities, including private pools.


4. It is affordable

One of the main reasons that France is so popular with travellers is because it is an affordable place to visit. You can plan a two week trip to France and only spend a small amount, which makes it a fantastic place for vacations. While you may notice that parts of France are expensive – mostly areas in the South of the country, most places are affordable. So even if you are on a budget, France is the perfect travel destination. If you weren’t convinced before that France was for you, you must be now. There are so many reasons to visit France; these are just a few of them.