Spain with its exuberant art and cultural scene provides a plethora of entertainment opportunities to visitors. If you are planning to visit this vibrant country, becoming a part of its events and festivals is the best way to discover its rich culture. You can easily hire a car and reach the desired venues, at your own time and pace without spending a fortune on commute. Some of the most famous and absolutely free festivals across Spain include:

Dragon Festival

From 30 people when it first started in 1997 to thousands of revellers at present, Dragon Festival, an annual week-long celebration of alternative cultures, held around the time of the spring equinox in Santa Fe, has come a long way. With a controversial history to its credit, this festival has stood the test of time and excellently at that. With DJs playing the best of music, theatre, and lots to eat and drink, the Dragon Festival is the mother of all free parties.

Sonar Music Festival

Though the tickets of this fantastic music festival are pricey, you should come to Barcelona during the festival as you could join the ubiquitous parties that are held during its span of 3 days and 2 nights. These “off Sonar” parties happen all over Barcelona from clubs and discotheques to beaches and terraces. The city of Barcelona during Sonar, which is held in the third week of June, is in high spirits. Located just 15 minutes away from the airport, you could hire a car at the airport and drive down to this location.

Carnival Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Visiting Spain in February is an excellent idea as you could attend the celebrated carnival of Santa Cruz in Tenerife. The grandeur and spirit of this week-long festival are akin to that of a classic Spanish fiesta. Apart from the ‘Gran Gala Election of the Queen,’ the events are free and every year thousands of revellers attend it in order to celebrate. The tradition of the carnival is to disguise oneself which people do, with flair and panache. A hired car is a convenient way to reach the festival venue from the two airports of Tenerife.

Sant Joan Festival

This is just the place to behold brilliant fireworks displays and life-size wooden figures and to join crowds of local revellers on the streets. Although the festival is widely celebrated throughout Spain, it is especially big in Alicante. This indescribably vibrant festival essentially marks the arrival of the summer solstice. Though the actual festival day is on 24th June, the pre-event formalities begin on 19th June every year. Drive to the Barceloneta beach and dance through the ‘night of fire,’ undoubtedly the biggest party night in Spain.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start travelling!