We’ve published about stag do ideas in the past including how to organise a stag party on a budget but today we look at ideas for a stag do in the UK. Contrary to popular belief, stag weekends in the UK don’t have to be generic or uninspiring. Thousands may head abroad every year, but with a little imagination there are some incredible stag party opportunities and ideas, right here on our doorstep. So if looking to plan something a little special for yourself or someone preparing to tie the knot, here’s a brief rundown of ten alternative UK stag party ideas to consider:


1. Party Houses

First up, why not take the typical house party to the next level? Up and down the UK, you’ll find a whole bunch of perfectly-positioned party houses for once-in-a-lifetime parties you’ll never forget!

2. Comedy Shows

Why not take the whole gang to a comedy show? If you can time your stag party with a major event like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, even better?

3. Move Like Michael

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as the next King of Pop, you’ll be right at home with a Thriller Dance Experience. Learn how to do the entire Thriller routine from scratch and have the whole gang involved in your very own music video.

4. Hire a Recording Studio

Speaking of which, you could always book a couple of hours at a recording studio and try your hand at laying down the next hit record. Talent is optional – complete hilarity is guaranteed.

5. Hit the Slopes

Why bother spending a fortune on a ski or snowboarding trip to the continent, when there’s a ton of decent slopes and schools right here in the UK? Snozone in Milton Keynes being the best of the bunch – well worth checking out!

6. Wild Camping

An activity that never fails to separate the men from the boys, wild camping is essentially like normal camping, only with zero location restrictions and no home comforts. Enjoyable and character-building in equal measures.

7. Become the Next Master Chef

Perhaps not literally, but there are some fantastic culinary experience specialists around the country that offer recreations of popular challenges. The famed ‘Mystery Box’ coming highly recommended for these types of events.

8. Whisky Tasting

Rather than simply throwing the cheapest lager you can find down your throat just for the sake of it, why not book a whisky tasting event and learn something in the process? If you happen to live in the vicinity, you could also combine this with a tour of a working distillery.

9. Hire a boat

Chances are that no matter where you live in the UK, you’re probably not far from an expanse of water. In which case, you’re also not far from the opportunity to hire a boat and spend your stag party offshore.

10. Go surfing

Last but not least, surfing stag parties in Cornwall and the southwest really are the stuff of dreams. Even if it means embarking on a rather long journey to get there, what better way to start the stag party of a lifetime than a road trip?